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What’s new in Plano

The Plano office serves as the main location at the Texas Back Institute and continues to grow in number of physicians, staff and patients. The office is currently home to 14 physicians, who range in specialty from orthopedic spine surgery to physiatry, occupational and sports medicine, pain management, psychology, and triage services. Dr. Effat Jehan is the newest physician to join the Texas Back Institute – Plano location and specializes in providing triage services to patients suffering from spinal disorders. Dr. Jehan joined the Texas Back from her New York practice and “aims to provide patients with the coordinated support they need to get back to their everyday lives.”

In January 2011, the Center for Disc Replacement opened at the Texas Back Institute – Plano to serve the increasing number of national and international patients requesting the latest in artificial disc replacement (ADR) surgeries. Co-directors of the Center are fellowship-trained, orthopedic spine surgeons Drs. Scott Blumenthal, Richard Guyer and Jack Zigler, who serve as primary investigators in the latest FDA-approved clinical trials. Focused on the needs of the ADR patient, the Center includes concierge services to help coordinate treatment with the patient’s local physicians, assist with travel and transportation arrangements, and provide other assistance the patient may need.

Texas Back Institute – Plano has also entered into a management agreement with THR Presbyterian Plano Hospital to create and expand the Scoliosis & Spine Tumor Center, further adding to Texas Back’s growing lists of sub-specialties. Led by internationally recognized spine surgeon, Dr. Isador Lieberman, the Center prides itself on offering patients with the highest quality in patient care and the latest in technology, including the latest in global positioning robotic technology for spine surgery. Dr. Lieberman is one of few physicians in the United States to offer this new technology, further setting the Texas Back Institute apart from its competitors. The Scoliosis & Spine Tumor Center runs a monthly support group for its adolescent scoliosis patients and their families as well. The Center also offers complex revision surgery for patients who have had issues with a prior surgery as well as a concierge program for its visitors from out of town.

Specialists servicing this location

Orthopedic Spine Surgeons






  Nayan R. Patel, M.D.

Spine Triage Specialist

  Effat Jehan, M.D.

Recreational and Work-Related Back Injures

  James D. Cable, M.D.


  Andrew R. Block, Ph.D. 



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