Message To Teenagers

If you’re a teenager with scoliosis, we want to encourage and remind you that your condition is treatable, and you can live a full, fun and active life with the condition. At the Scoliosis & Spine Tumor Center, we understand that having scoliosis can be a hassle, as well as stressful and sometimes embarrassing. That’s why we have a team who is here to listen and give you the support you need.

If we recommend wearing a brace, know that we will give you techniques for hiding the brace under your clothes, playing sports and living an active life. You might be surprised at how light and comfortable braces are now, and researchers are developing even better ones all the time.

If the curve of your spine is really advanced, we might recommend scoliosis surgery. Allowing a large curve to progress could interfere with your health and lung function later in life. Surgery for scoliosis isn’t nearly as big of a deal as it used to be; many of our patients can now have less invasive spinal surgery, which allows for more cosmetically acceptable scars and results in a shorter hospital stay and more comfortable recovery.

Texas Health Plano has fun, themed hospital rooms for teenagers. You might get to stay in the Dallas Mavericks room or another specially decorated room. We’ll work to make your hospital stay and recovery fast and easy so you can get back to your friends, school, sports and other activities as soon as possible.

Feel free to stop by our office any time. We are always available to answer questions or just to talk.

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