Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery Plano TX

Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery Plano TX

Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery for Patients in Plano, TX

If you are researching artificial disc replacement surgery in Plano, Texas, look to Texas Back Institute. Known for offering innovative surgical treatments, we are a leader in the field of artificial disc replacement. In fact, Texas Back Institute was the first spine center in the United States to perform this procedure in 2000. Since then, we have published and presented numerous studies about disc replacement and completed disc replacements on more than 1,600 patients, which gives us greater expertise on the topic than most other spine centers in Plano, TX, or the DFW area.

Disc replacement surgery is performed as an alternative to traditional spine fusion. It can be performed on the cervical spine or lumbar spine. Compared to spine fusion, the benefits of artificial disc replacement include:

  • Mobility preservation – While fusion limits flexibility by fusing two vertebrae together, an artificial disc replicates the movement of a natural disc and allows patients to retain normal mobility in their neck or back.
  • Faster recovery – While fusion patients must limit their activity while they wait for the bone graft to grow into one solid unit, patients who choose disc replacements can return to their normal life more quickly.
  • Reduced need for subsequent surgery – Because an artificial disc can help preserve motion, it is thought to help reduce the strain on adjacent discs and the need for additional surgery.

As with all the surgeries we perform, disc replacement surgery is recommended only after conservative treatments have failed to provide sufficient relief. We first seek to help reduce patients’ neck or back pain through non-surgical methods, such as physical therapy and pain management. We take pride in the fact that only 10 percent of our patients ever undergo surgery.

Contact Texas Back Institute today to learn more about artificial disc replacement surgery and the other treatment options that are available at our spine center in Plano, TX.

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