Disc Replacement Surgery Dallas TX

Disc Replacement Surgery Dallas TX

Disc Replacement Surgery for Patients in the Dallas, TX, Area

Texas Back Institute offers disc replacement surgery as an alternative to traditional spine fusion for patients in the Dallas, Texas, area. While fusion removes a damaged intervertebral disc and then joins the adjacent vertebrae together, disc replacement involves installing an artificial implant in place of the disc. The main benefit of a disc replacement is that it allows patients to retain more of their normal range of motion. The procedure also permits a quicker return to activity, helps prevent future damage to the neighboring discs, and reduces the chance of needing additional surgery.

Conditions that can be addressed with a disc replacement include:

  • Chronic pain
  • Herniated disc
  • Degenerative disc disease

The surgeons at Texas Back Institute are recognized around the globe as leaders in disc replacement surgery.  In 2000, we performed the first artificial disc replacement surgery in the United States. Today, while most spine centers still do not offer disc replacements, we have successfully completed the procedure on more than 1,600patients in the Dallas, TX, area.

However, not all patients are candidates for disc replacement. Through an in-depth evaluation, we can determine whether you would benefit from the procedure. In all cases, we save surgery as a last resort, recommending it only after we have exhausted non-surgical treatments such as physical therapy and pain management.

To learn more about disc replacement or any of our other treatment options, contact Texas Back Institute today. Through our Center for Disc Replacement, we welcome disc replacement surgery patients from Dallas, TX, and beyond.

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