When Does Spine Deformity Require Surgery?

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When Does Spine Deformity Require Surgery? Dr. Mark Kayanja, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon at Texas Back Institute answers the question “When Does My Spinal Deformity Require a Surgeon?” Spinal deformity is an abnormal curvature of the spine. This can occur in the all regions of the spine, which include the cervical spine (neck), Thoracic (mid-back), and […]

When Should I get an ESI – Epidural Steroid Injection?

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Dr. Sheena Bhuva, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation specialist at Texas Back Institute talks about ESI (Epidural Steroid Injections) and when to have one as part of your spine treatment. Dr. Bhuva describes the treatment for radicular pain or sciatica, which is pain, numbness and tingling running down the arms or legs from a spinal nerve. […]

Dr. Peter Derman Exercises with Family at Home During Pandemic

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Dr. Peter Derman, Minimally invasive Spine Surgeon at Texas Back Institute uses exercise with his family to help stay fit, healthy, and maintain good mental health and clarity during the pandemic. Dr. Derman suggests finding a good workout program online for your fitness ability, or work with your physical therapist to develop an at home […]

Radiculopathy or Radicular Syndrome Explained by Dr. Nayan Patel

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Dr. Nayan Patel, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Specialist at Texas Back Institute discusses the radiculopathy or radicular syndrome. Radicular syndrome results in pain and other symptoms such as numbness, tingling and weakness in the arms or legs. It is caused by compressed or irritated nerve roots. The nerve roots are branches of the spinal cord […]

What is Telemedicine?

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What is Telemedicine? Dr. Sheena Bhuva Explains What Telemedicine is and how it can help patients near and far. During this pandemic many leading medical practices have been able to treat patients remotely through the use of telemedicine. Telemedicine and virtual doctor appointments are not brand new, and the elements of communication are not new, […]

Leadership in Difficult Times

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During this COVID crisis it is good to see people step up to be true leaders in their surroundings.  Whether at home, work, or in one’s community, people are looking for those who are willing to take a leadership role to help navigate these uncharted waters. Leaders are typically people who inspire others through their […]

Sleep Tips for Avoiding Neck and Back Pain

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Written by Peter B. Derman, MD, MBA The average person spends about a third of their lifetime in bed. For those suffering from neck and back pain, optimizing sleep characteristics may be a way to alleviate symptoms. There is an abundance of information available recommending various sleep positions or products, but much of this is […]

Coping With Stress During Coronavirus

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Dr. Andrew Block, a Clinical Health Psychologist at Texas Back Institute, shares some insights on how to cope with stress during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The 20th Anniversary of Artificial Disc Replacement at Texas Back Institute: What This Means for the Future

Anniversaries serve an important function. They allow us to reflect on how far we have come, and where we can still go in the future. This year is the 20th anniversary of the artificial disc replacement procedure being performed at Texas Back Institute and thousands of patients are celebrating with them! As the first year of […]

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