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The Three Words Bruce Frantz Thought He Would Never Hear Again: Take a Hike!

When Bruce Frantz and his wife Beverly retired in 2002, they were looking forward to spending time on their passion – hiking Yellowstone National Park. The natural majesty of this pristine environment has charmed people like the Frantz’s since humans first discovered it. Unfortunately, Bruce’s excruciating back pain kept him away from the park and […]

Meet the Former Cop Who Showed His Insurance Company Who’s in Charge

Jack Harris was used to living with pain. His were not just periodic tinges or annoying aches but constant, searing back pain. It started after physical wear and tear of being a Dallas Police officer forced him into early retirement from law enforcement and over the years developed into a full-blown, unrelenting agony, which never […]

Do You Have Clean Pain or Dirty Pain?

To find out, read on. For something so common, pain is amazingly complicated. The International Association for the Study of Pain’s widely used definition states: “Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage.” This unpleasant experience can also motivate a person […]

Patient Profile: Celeste Reynolds Gets Her Life Back

“I had lower back pain for years and finally one day I decided to do something about it,” said Celeste Reynolds. “I waited for two years after my surgery to share this information because I really wanted to make sure what I am saying is the truth about the surgeons and staff at Texas Back […]

Avoiding Paralysis from Improper Spine Stimulator Surgery

For anyone reading the April 16, 2014 edition of The Wall Street Journal and contemplating implant surgery for a spinal-cord stimulator, the news was frightening. The headline set the stage: “When Spine Implants Cause Paralysis, Who is to Blame?” According the newspaper’s analysis of adverse-event reports submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and […]

New iFuse Implant System Helped Cara Strickland Become Pain Free

Life can sometimes throw us a curveball and everything changes, almost overnight. Cara Strickland understands this all too well. Cara grew up riding horses. Her passion for this sport is still evident when she speaks about her joy of barrel racing and dressage jumping. She also mastered the gymnastic skills necessary to become a well-regarded […]

Texas Back Institute Leads the Way Again: MRI-Safe Spinal Sensors for Chronic Back Pain

Technological advances such as artificial discs and implantable devices which stimulate the spinal cord have fundamentally changed the treatment of chronic back pain. As a world leader in the research and treatment of the causes of back pain, Texas Back Institute has pioneered the use of both of these treatments. Now, the surgeons and back […]

Back to School: Protecting Your Child’s Back

It’s back to school time again, and each year many children get a new backpack to carry supplies, books, and homework. These carry-all backpacks often reflect the personality of the child, with many adorned with super heroes, princesses and more than a few Angry Birds. While this efficient carrying case has been around for many […]

Uganda Spine Surgery Mission Days 4 and 5

Day 4 Today was our first full day at the hospital, although “full” is an understatement. When we opened the clinic at 10am, the open-air waiting room was teeming with patients and their families lining rows of benches or sprawled on mats on the floor. The team got right to work; Sherry and Rob left […]

The Kentucky Derby Encourages More Horse Lovers to Saddle Up

Each year, on the first Saturday in May, horse lovers and sports fans turn their rapt attention to Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky for the “fastest two minutes in sports.” Since its beginning in 1875, The Kentucky Derby has run consecutively each year and has become the premier event in thoroughbred horse racing. Because of […]

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