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Facet Joint Pain After Spine Surgery

Facet Joint Pain Recently featured the blog post below by Dr. Stephen Hochschuler, co-founder and orthopedic spine surgeon at Texas Back Institute. Facet Joint Pain after Spine Surgery The facet joints are two small joints in the back of the spine, on the left and right sides, at each level. These joints work with […]

The EMG Study: Is This Ongoing Pain After Spine Surgery Due to Nerve Damage?

The EMG Study As featured on Dr. Patel is a physiatrist and treats patients suffering from neck and back pain. Contributed by Nayan Patel, MD For the spine patient with Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, the electrodiagnostic study helps the physician assess for nerve damage coming from the cervical or lumbar spine, as well as evaluate for […]

Minimizing the Risk of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome The post below was featured on and was contributed by Dr. Stephen Hochschuler, co-founder and orthopedic spine surgeon at Texas Back Institute. Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS) refers to chronic back or neck pain, with or without extremity pain, which occurs if spine surgery does not achieve the desired result. Contributing […]

Chronic Back Pain and Depression

Is chronic back pain making you depressed?  Dr. Andrew Block explains. Chronic pain is a problem affecting nearly 1/3 of the population in the US and depression is one of the problems which can accompany chronic pain. Statistics show about 85% of patients who have chronic pain experience symptoms of depression. Some symptoms of depression include: […]

5 Tips for Dealing with Back Pain at Home

Back pain?  Try these at home treatments. Do you know that 4 out of 5 Americans suffer from low back and neck pain at some point in their life? Many factors can contribute to this type of pain including poor posture, previous injuries, muscle strains or even disc degeneration.  The good news is most back […]

Inspiration in the Workplace!

It’s not too late to find a job that inspires you! My name is Kelly Phariss. I have worked at Texas Back Institute for 8 years and for the last 5 years I have been part of the sales team. I love it!  As a sales manager, I spend the majority of my time speaking […]

Patient of the Month – Denys Kendall

Denys Kendall….Back to Feeling Like a Person! Denys Kendall never thought he would need spine surgery.  He was jumping out of airplanes, serving his country in Iraq and living the life of a true adrenaline junkie.  Denys served in the Army for 4 years, starting off in Special Forces and eventually moving into the First […]

Sylvia Beachy….Back to Living Life!

Patient of the Month Sylvia Beachy Pain should not be a way of life. But for Austin native Sylvia Beachy, life was just that – a seemingly never-ending battle to manage the pain in her neck and back. She began having chronic lumbar pain in her late 20s and simply “lived with it” for years […]

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