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Spine Health Day

Happy Spine Health Day! October 16th is Spine Health Day and in honor of such an important day here at Texas Back Institute here are 5 tips for maintaining a healthy spine (in no particular order) from Dr. Rey Bosita. 1. Maintain a healthy body weight.   Being overweight, especially belly fat, can put additional stress on your […]

5 Tips for Dealing with Back Pain at Home

Back pain?  Try these at home treatments. Do you know that 4 out of 5 Americans suffer from low back and neck pain at some point in their life? Many factors can contribute to this type of pain including poor posture, previous injuries, muscle strains or even disc degeneration.  The good news is most back […]

Weight Gain Causing Your Back Pain???

 Back Pain Weighing you Down? Dr. Rey Bosita, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon at Texas Back Institute weights in on weight gain and back pain.  Could extra weight be to blame for your back pain?  According to a study published by the American Obesity Association, probably so.  The same study found nearly one-third of Americans are severely […]

Questions to ask your spine surgeons

Questions to ask your spine surgeons about neck or back pain Many people assume that if they are going to see a spine surgeon that they are going to need surgery.  This couldn’t be further than the truth.  Actually, 90% of the people with back pain and/or neck pain will recover without surgical intervention.  Therapy, […]

Inspired to help patients with neck and back pain get back to life!

Inspired to get patients back to life! What inspires you in life and work? The Texas Back Institute is proud of its doctors and staff. Jason Curtis an x-ray tech at the Rockwall Clinic is proud to work at the Texas Back Institute, because he is inspired to help others everyday. Every one at Texas […]

5 Tips from Physical Therapy

Jason Brewton, Director of Physical Therapy at Texas Back Institute, shares 5 tips for protecting your back! 1)  The 20:20 rule: For every 20 minutes you sit, get up and move around for 20 seconds.  2)  Flex the hips and knees, not the lower back, when doing functional activities like brushing your teeth, sweeping, vacuuming, or […]

Here are the 5 things women should do – or not do – to protect their backs!

All of us are likely to experience back pain sometime during our lives. Here’s our Top 5 list of things women should do – or not do – to have a healthier back and neck: Click your high heels less often. Yes, high heels make your legs look great, but they also unnaturally position your […]

Patient of the Month….Vickie Money gets back to retirement

For Vickie Money of Venus, Texas, mopping the floor was a simple, routine task she was doing on another ordinary day. But something unusual happened, and suddenly she found herself suffering from severe pain in her lower back that would impact her life for several years to come. At the time, Vickie was only 46 […]

Things Medical Receptionists Want You to Know

Here are a few things our medical receptionist would like you to know, to make every medical visit as easy as possible for you. [youtube=] Call to schedule an appointment during mid-day hours.  Avoiding the rush hours is always a good idea. Know your own schedule before calling to make an appointment. This will make […]

Backpack Safety for your Children

Is your child complaining of back pain? If your son or daughter is carrying too many books, supplies and other things around all day in a backpack, that could be the source of the problem. The reason is simple: heavy backpacks, especially if they are carried improperly, can do damage on everything from lower back, […]

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