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Do you have a question about back pain for the doctors at the Texas Back Institute? Submit it with your contact info via email and one of our specialists can help you. Send us your message to info@texasback.com. It is our desire to keep you informed. We do not want you to be anxious over unanswered questions and chances are you are not the only one with that question. In that case, we may even include the answer, in the future, on our FAQ on the website.

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To find out whether you would benefit from artificial disc surgery, make an appointment to visit Texas Back Institute in the Dallas, TX, area for an evaluation. We always reserve surgery as a last resort, so we’ll seek to relieve pain first through conservative treatments such as physical therapy and pain management. If severe pain persists and it is determined that you would benefit from surgery, we can help you determine whether artificial disc replacement is right for you.

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