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Back Pain Treatment: Back Pain Relief Is in Sight

Once one of the nation’s only medical groups to offer a full range of services for back pain and neck pain treatment, Texas Back Institute is now recognized as a world leader in getting people back to life, most without ever requiring surgery. In fact, nine out of ten of our patients recover with non-surgical back pain treatment. Texas Back Institute’s “surgery as a last option” approach to treat back pain has been the cornerstone of our care philosophy for more than 35 years, and will continue to be as long as life-altering back pain and neck conditions exist.

Below is a list of treatments (both non-surgical and surgical back pain treatment options) in which Texas Back Institute specializes. The spine surgeons at Texas Back Institute are leaders in surgical treatment options for back pain and neck pain, from the most common outpatient procedures, to the most complex cases. Texas Back Institute physicians have pioneered several revolutionary surgical procedures and are part of multiple FDA clinical trials. All treatments are performed or prescribed by a staff physician or physical therapist – or both – ensuring the most personalized and effective care possible for you.

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