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Patient Education

Patient education is the foundation for happy, healthy patients who have been able to change their lives.  The goal of patient education is to help patients better understand their conditions and treatments.

Sometimes basic education on the anatomy of the spine can help a patient better understand why their condition is generating some of the pain they are experiencing.  Or, learning about treatment options for a condition could help a patient help reduce their anxiety and allow them to make more informed decisions about their treatment plan.  Patients who have the tools available to them can often manage some elements of their care, or even help prevent back pain.

What Does Patient Education Involve?

The basics of patient education involve providing patients with information about spine anatomy, their condition, diagnostic tests that may be performed, and possible treatment options.

There are many forums for patient education, which include discussions with care providers, reading brochures and other printed materials, viewing videos and visiting websites.

One of the key components of effective patient education is for the patient to take an active role in the educational process.  This involves applying the materials learned by making lifestyle changes.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects is for patients to ask questions until they feel confident they understand the information provided answers their questions about the symptoms of back and neck pain.

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