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August 3, 2018 | Phillip Slaughter

Uganda Spine Surgery Mission 2018 – Day 5

Day 5: What can we say? We just love late nights. Our usual breakfast was filled with chatter about what we were hoping was going to be a short day; we had planned a procedure on a young, small girl named Shivan; a large instrumentation and fusion to fix her…

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August 2, 2018 | Phillip Slaughter

Uganda Spine Surgery Mission 2018 – Day 4

Day 4: Murphy Strikes Breakfast was like the calm before the storm; no one truly knew what was going to happen, but we knew it would be a busy day. We had planned one instrumentation and fusion and one posterior lumbar instrumentation and fusion for the morning, and occiput (bone…

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To find out whether you would benefit from artificial disc surgery, make an appointment to visit Texas Back Institute in the Dallas, TX, area for an evaluation. We always reserve surgery as a last resort, so we’ll seek to relieve pain first through conservative treatments such as physical therapy and pain management. If severe pain persists and it is determined that you would benefit from surgery, we can help you determine whether artificial disc replacement is right for you.

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