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thumbnail of Cold-Hard-Facts-About-Cryotherapy-For-Pain-Relief-–-MD-Monthly

MD Monthly – Cold Hard Facts about Cryotherapy

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Beckers Spine Review – Dr. Bosita’s Best Vacation Spots


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Living Well Magazine – Yoga for Scoliosis

thumbnail of TBI_DMag_BestDocs-CC_2016

D Magazine – Best Docs Collin County

thumbnail of Hisey_SpineUniverse_Cervical-Total-Disc-Replacement-With-Mobi-C

SpineUniverse – Mobi-C Safe Option

Addison Magazine – International Women’s Day


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Texas MD News – New Weight Bearing MRI

thumbnail of Simpson_ON_Magazine_Health2016

ON Magazine – Dr. Andrew Simpson

thumbnail of Yoga-Dr.-Lieberman

Plano Star Courier – Yoga: Seniors In Motion


Addison Magazine Top Female Exec. Nomination


thumbnail of Beckers-Lieberman-MIsonix

Beckers Lieberman MIsonix

thumbnail of Here-Are-The-Dallas-Area-Physicians-Named-To-TMA

Here Are The Dallas Area Physicians Named To TMA

thumbnail of MCP_Health_Matters-Arakal_Patient_Testimonial

MCP Health Matters-Arakal Patient Testimonial


thumbnail of Beckers-4-Strategies-to-Reach-Spine-Program-Profitability

Beckers – 4 Strategies to Reach Spine Program Profitability

thumbnail of ON-Magazine-Pete-Sessions-Visit

ON Magazine Pete Sessions Visit


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Ethiopians Travel to Plano for Life Changing Spine Surgery


thumbnail of TBI_Plano-Profile_Healthcare-in-Plano_9162015

The Best Healthcare is Right Herein Plano, Texas


thumbnail of Texas-Coach-Spinal-Stenosis-Article-August-15

Texas Coach Spinal Stenosis Article – August 15

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Texas Back Institute Surgeon Adopts PediGuard® with (DSGTM) Technology…

thumbnail of ON_FamilyBusinesses_DrBosita_2015b

Dr. Rey Bosita and Family


thumbnail of Spine-Review-July-2015

Spine Review July 2015


thumbnail of Medical-Center-of-Plano-Summer-2015

Medical Center of Plano Summer 2015


thumbnail of Dallas-Magazine-May-2015

Dallas Magazine May 2015


thumbnail of Dallas-Medical-Journal-Vol-101-No.-4-Callewart

Dallas Medical Journal

thumbnail of Blumenthal_SpineSurgeryInternational_Mag_April2015

Spine Surgery International

thumbnail of D-Magazine-April-2015

D Magazine


thumbnail of On-Magazine_Duffy_Simpson_optimized

On Magazine

thumbnail of Health-Beat_-Boutique-medicine_-Pay-as-you-go-healthcare_

Health Beat

thumbnail of TBI_EMR use in spine practices_ Boon oor bane_CZ

EMR use in Spine Practices

thumbnail of Low-back-pain-and-risk-of-lower-extremity-injury-_-Lower-Extremity-Review-Magazine-Haddas

Low Back Pain and Risk


thumbnail of TBI_Beckers_Peloza_8-things-to-know

TBI Beckers Peloza

thumbnail of TBI_OTW_Peloza3D-fusion-cage

OTW Peloza

thumbnail of TBI_SpineU_Guyer_Sciatica-in-Winter

SpineU Guyer


thumbnail of pdfresizer.com_2017-02-14_12_01

Becker’s Spine Review – Non-fusion technology? Genetics? 3D printing?…

thumbnail of Raise-your-bike-seat-Here%u2019s-how…and-why-_-Dallas-Morning-News_Guyer – Raise your bike seat! Here’s how…and why

thumbnail of 62-scoliosis-focused-spine-surgeons-to-know_Beckers_Lieberman

Becker’s Spine Review – 62 scoliosis-focused spine surgeons to know

thumbnail of Boutique-Spine-Care-for-Patients-with-Back-Problems_Spine-Universe

Spine Universe – Boutique Spine Care for Patients with Back Problems


thumbnail of TBI_Beckers_JackHarris_Blumenthal

Becker’s Spine Review – ADR Success Story: Dr. Scott Blumenthal Changes Patient’s Life

Star Local: News – Plano Spine Surgeon Changes Man’s Life


thumbnail of Belanger_THRW_Summer-2014

THR Rockwall – Dr. Ted Belanger’s Ethiopia Mission Trip


thumbnail of Spine-Surgeon-Leader-to-Know_-DrLieberman

Becker’s Spine Review – Spine Surgeon Leader to Know: Dr. Isador Lieberman

thumbnail of The-Next-5-Years-in-Spin_Beckers_Hoch

Becker’s Spine Review – The Next 5 Years in Spine, Q&A with Dr. Hochschuler

thumbnail of Post-Sunshine-Act_-How-Spine-Surgeon-Relationships-With-Industry-Are-Evolving

Becker’s Spine Review – Post Sunshine Act: How Spine Surgeon Relationships With..


thumbnail of 5-Key-Results_-LDRs-Mob..

Becker’s Spine Review – Spine Surgeon Leader to Know: Dr. Isador Lieberman


thumbnail of Are-you-planking-correctly_-_-Dallas-Morning-News

Dallas Morning News – Are You Planking Correctly?


thumbnail of TBI_OnMagazine_Bosita

ON Magazine – Dr. Rey Bosita Doctor Profile

Spine Universe – FRAX Tool Helps Determine Who’s at Risk for Bone Fractures

thumbnail of TBI_Addison-Magazine_BoutiqueSpineCare

Addison Magazine – Boutique Medicine Arrives to the Corridor

thumbnail of Boutique-Spine-Practices_-An-Answer-to-Healthcare-Reform_

Becker’s Spine Review – Boutique Spine Practices: An Answer to Healthcare Reform?


thumbnail of TBI_Beckers_SmartContent_Zapata

Becker’s Spine Rerew – SmartContent Q&A with CDO Cheryl Zapata


thumbnail of Ortho-This-Wk-10-02-133

Orthopedics This Week – Featuring Dr. Lieberman’s Uganda Spine Surgery Mission


thumbnail of Zigler Profile FULL

Spinal News Features Dr. Jack Zigler


thumbnail of Best Docs 13_TXBack_0

D Magazine Collin County Best Doctors 2013

thumbnail of Best Docs 13_TXBack

Fort Worth Magazine Top Docs 2013


thumbnail of One Med Place Blog Lieberman

OneMed Place Blog Post – Dr. Lieberman


thumbnail of Pain Pathways_Shellock_91212

Pain Pathways


thumbnail of history-ard_blumenthal

History of Artificial Disc Replacement

thumbnail of Block_Spinal News International

Dr. Block featured in Spinal News International


Minimizing the Risk of Failed Back Surgery

thumbnail of minimizing-risk-failed-back-su

Minimizing the Risk of Failed Back Surgery


thumbnail of Chutz Lieberman(1)

Chutzpah Magazine on Dr. Lieberman’s mission in Uganda


thumbnail of Zigler_spine-arthroplasty-innovati_5112

Dr. Zigler interview about total disc replacement

thumbnail of BliztWeekly_JasonBrewton_Golf_5312

Jason Brewton, Director of Physical Therapy gives golf tips


thumbnail of Guyer_Beckers_LeaderstoKnow_41912

Dr. Guyer featured as a Spine Leader to Know in Becker’s

thumbnail of Trish_Beckers_041112

CEO Trish Bowling featured in Becker’s Orthopedic Review

thumbnail of Hochschuler_Beckers_7ways_42712

7 Ways for Spine Surgeons to Stay Ahead in Competitive Markets

thumbnail of Zapata_Beckers_FCD4312

Texas Back Institute becomes Official Spine Specialisst of FC Dallas

thumbnail of Rashbaum_Voices_41912

Dr. Rashbaum featured on Yahoo Voices about the new technology in spinal cord stimulators

thumbnail of Hochschuler_Beckers_ASC Industry leaders_4212

Becker’s ASC Review Spine Leaders to know: Dr. Stephen Hochschuler

thumbnail of Zapata_Beckers_Sports Teams

CDO Cheryl Zapata talks about partnerships with Frisco RoughRiders and FC Dallas


thumbnail of Rashbaum_Helium_SCS_32912

Wii technology helps patients with debilitating back pain

thumbnail of Lieberman_Cowbird_Uganda

Cowbird features Dr. Lieberman and his efforts in Uganda

thumbnail of Blumenthal_Aboutdotcom_32612 – Dr. Scott Blumenthal


thumbnail of Hochschuler_Beckers_brighterfuture_2812

Dr. Stephen Hochschuler: 8 Changes to Ensure a Brighter Future for Spine Surgery


thumbnail of TBI_Living Magazine_1112

Living Magazine Flower Mound Edition


thumbnail of ADR- Beckers_Guyer

10 Spine Surgeon Investigators of Artificial Discs

thumbnail of TBI_DMagazineBestDoctors_2011

D Magazine Best Doctors in Dallas


thumbnail of TBI_Beckers_Humanitarian Missions_Lieberman_10262011

10 Spine Surgeons Involved in Humanitarian Spine Care

thumbnail of TBI_Beckers5 waysHealthcarechanges_Hochschuler_1032011

5 Ways Orthopedics Practices Can Positively Confront Healthcare Changes


thumbnail of Lieberman_Beckers_Robotics_4312

Becker’s Orthopedic and Spine Review features Dr. Lieberman

thumbnail of TBI_Beckers_SurgeonsHospitals_Guyer_8302011

Will Spine Surgeons Be the Next Specialists Scooped up by Hospitals?

thumbnail of TBI_Beckers_femalesurgeons_Shellock_8172011
10 Female Spine Surgeons to Know

thumbnail of TBI_Beckers_surgeonsperformingroboticsurgery_Lieberman_8122011
10 Surgeons Performing Robotic – and Computer-Assisted Spine Surgery


thumbnail of 92311_Do you need Spine surgery

Do You Need Back Surgery?

thumbnail of drguyer

Breathe in Hope, Breathe out Love

thumbnail of TBI_Beckers_Spinal Cords Surgeons_Zigler_9172011

10 Spine Surgeons Focusing on Spinal Cord Injury

thumbnail of TBI_THCDS_DrZigler_LIving Well_072011

Living Well – A Breakthrough For Back Pain Suffers

thumbnail of peyton-manning-h

Colts’ Peyton Manning Underwent Surgery Today to Fuse Neck Bones

thumbnail of DMN Maryam Houston

Dallas Morning News – Is Artificial Disc Replacement


thumbnail of TBI_Mansfield Mirror_Duffy_gardening_7182011

Dig In Correctly to Avoid Back Pain

thumbnail of TBI_DMN_Ugandamission_7172011

Dallas Morning News – A Torah for Uganda

thumbnail of TBI_MaxSports_Blumenthal_752011

Banish Back Pain


thumbnail of Lieberman_Beckers

Robotics in Orthopedic Surgery: 6 Points on the Present and Future


thumbnail of TBI_Beckers_Hochschuler_52311

Dr. Stephen Hochschuler: 6 Points on Healthcare Spending for Spine and Orthopedics

thumbnail of TBI_Rashbaum_SIBone

Diagnosing That Pain In Your Low Back

thumbnail of Henry_Star Telegram

Simple Changes Could Make a Difference in What Ails Your Back

thumbnail of LIving Belanger May_0

Lakeside Living Magazine


thumbnail of TBI_BackTalk_Lieberman_April2011

Robotic-Guided Placement Of Implants For Spine Surgery

thumbnail of TBI_On Magazine Bosita

On Magazine – Dr. Rey Bosita Jr.

thumbnail of TBI_Lieberman_AAOS

American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons – Dr. Isador Lieberman


thumbnail of TBI_Plano Profile_CDRSSTC_March2011

Texas Back Institute on the Forefront of Back Care


thumbnail of TBI_Hisey_LDR_12611

The Mobi-C Cervical Artificial Disc is Submitted to the FDA

thumbnail of TBI_OrthpedicsToday_Blumenthal_TDR Revisions

Dr. Blumenthal’s Review Study Notes rate Occurrence of Anterior Disc
Replacement Revisions

thumbnail of TBI_SpinalNews_Duffy

Is Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery Better for Patients in the Long- Term?

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