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From breakthrough procedures to professional accolades, spine-care advice, journal articles, television appearances, and more, Texas Back Institute works hard to make sure you have access to important news about spine health and our organization. Information from-and-about our team is always available here in our online media room.  Check back often for the latest updates!

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thumbnail of Key-thoughts-on-patient-selection-for-outpatient-spine-surgery-with-Drs-Arakal-and-derman-Texas-Back-Institute

Key thoughts on patient selection for outpatient spine surgery with Dr. Rajesh Arakal and Dr. Peter Derman at Texas Back Institute

thumbnail of How-price-transparency-in-spine-and-big-tech-will-affect-healthcare-4-Qs-with-Dr-Isador-Lieberman

How price transparency in spine and big tech will affect healthcare/ 4 Qs with Dr. Isador Lieberman at Texas Back Institute

thumbnail of Texas-Back-Institutes-Dr-Theodore-Belanger-Named-2018-Physician-of-the-Year-by-MedicalMissionsorg

Texas Back Institute’s Dr. Theodore Belanger Named 2018 Physician of the Year by MedicalMissions.org



How 8 Successful Spine Surgeon Leaders Cultivate These Skills- Drs Derman Zigler Hochschuler and Duffy

thumbnail of Which-Patients-Undergo-Pre-Surgical-Psychological-Evaluation-Before-Spine-Surgery

Which Patients Undergo Pre-Surgical Psychological Evaluation Before Spine Surgery?


TEXAS-BACK-INSTITUTE-D-Magazine-Best-Docs-2018 copy

TEXAS BACK INSTITUTE – D Mag Best Docs 2018, Rey Bosita, Craig Lankford, Michael Duffy, Andrew Block, Scott Blumenthal, Akwasi Boah, Stephen Tolhurst, Jack Zigler, Michael Hisey, Ralph Rashbaum, Richard Guyer, Nayan Patel


thumbnail of Spine-Universe-Treatment-for-Failed-Back-Surgery-Syndrome-Rashbaum

SpineUniverse.com Treatment for Failed Back Surgery Syndrome with Dr. Ralph Rashbaum, Spine Surgeon at Texas Back Institute

thumbnail of Dallas-Morning-News-Giant-Backpack-May-Look-Cool-Probably-Hurting-Kids-Back-Dr-Rey-Bostia-Texas-Back-Institute

Dallas Morning News-Giant Backpack May Look Cool Probably Hurting Kids Back with Dr. Rey Bostia at Texas Back Institute

thumbnail of Spine-Universe-Spine-Surgeons-Role-in-Preventing-Failed-Back-Syndrome-with-Dr-Ralph-Rashbaum-at-Texas-Back-Institute

Spine Universe-Spine Surgeons Role in Preventing Failed Back Syndrome with Dr Ralph Rashbaum at Texas Back Institute

thumbnail of Spine-Universe-Spinal-Fusion-Instrumentation-Removal-Pros-and-Cons-Lieberman

SpineUniverse.com Spinal Fusion Instrumentation Removal Pros and Cons with Dr. Isador Lieberman, Spine Surgeon at Texas Back Institute


thumbnail of Small-Business-Digest-5-Ways-Entrepreneurs-Can-Beat-Back-Pain-Dr-Rey-Bosita-Texas-Back-Institute-7-24-18

Small Business Digest-5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Beat Back Pain with Dr. Rey Bosita

thumbnail of Star-Local-Media-How-to-Avoid-Summer-Sports-Injuries-Bosita-and-Arakal

Star Local Media – How to Avoid Summer Sports Injuries with Dr. Rey Bosita and Dr. Rajesh Arakal


thumbnail of Spine-Universe-Scoliosis-and-wimmer-How-Robotic-Spine-SX-Kept-a-Teens-Olympic-Dream-Afloat-Dr-Isador-Lieberman-6-27-18

Spine Universe Scoliosis & Swimmer How Robotic Spine SX Kept a Teens Olympic Dream Afloat with Dr. Isador Lieberman at Texas Back Institute


thumbnail of BeckersSpineReview-The-best-advice-for-mentoring-young-spine-surgeons-Dr-Rey-Bosita-Texas-Back-Institute-5-9-18

BeckersSpineReview The best advice for mentoring young spine surgeons Dr Rey Bosita

thumbnail of Spine-Universe-Sciatica-Symptoms-and-Possible-Causes-Guyer-Texas-Back-Institute-5-24-18

SpineUniverse.com Sciatica Symptoms and Possible Causes with Dr. Richard Guyer Texas Back Institute 5-24-18


thumbnail of Lumbar-TDR-Delayed-Progression-of-Radiographic-Adjacent-Level-Degeneration-Dr-Jack-Zigler-texas-back-institute-4-19-18

Lumbar Total Disc Replacement delayed Progression of Radiographic Adjacent Level Degeneration Dr Jack Zigler texas back institute


thumbnail of Beckers 40+ Female Ortho Spine and Neurospine Surgeons in the US-Shellock March 2018Beckers 40+ Female Ortho Spine and Neurospine Surgeons in the US- Dr. Jessica Shellock March 2018

Dr Boah in DMNDallas Morning News-Gym Injuries Bring More Pain to the Exercise Game-Feat. Dr. Akwasi Boah

Blumenthal on NBC5 talking about Health & Exercising for Back PainDr. Scott Blumenthal on NBC5 talking about Health & Exercising for Back Pain

MD Monthly-Is There Life After Back Injuries for These Two Young Golfers-Duffy_MD Monthly-Is There Life After Back Injuries for These Two Young Golfers-Dr. Michael Duffy


thumbnail of Beckers-The 5 year plan for TBI’s Growth-Lieberman 01-2018Beckers-The 5 year plan for TBI’s Growth with Dr. Isador Lieberman


MD Monthly - VR ArticleMD Monthly – Virtual Reality Does it Work For PT Jason Brewton

thumbnail of Beckers Lumbar TDR- key Challengers Long Term Outcomes vs Spinal Fusion-Zigler Jan 2018Beckers Lumbar TDR- key Challengers Long Term Outcomes vs Spinal Fusion-Dr.Zigler


thumbnail of Beckers Future of Indep Spine Surgeons and ASCs-Hoch 12-2017Becker’s Spine Review “Future of Independent Spine Surgeons and ASCs” Feat. Dr. Stephen Hochschuler

thumbnail of Plano Magazine Best Doctors in Plano 2017-Guyer Blumenthal Zigler 12-21-17Plano Magazine Best Doctors in Plano 2017 Drs. Richard Guyer, Scott Blumenthal, & Jack Zigler


thumbnail of Beckers Blumenthal Stems Cells the Holy Grail 11-2017Becker’s Spine Review Feat. Drs. Arakal & Lieberman Talking Spinal Deformity Care Innovations Over the Last 10 years

thumbnail of Beckers Blumenthal Stems Cells the Holy Grail 11-2017Becker’s Spine Review “Best Advice Young Spine Surgeons” Feat. Drs. Stephen Tolhurst & Isador Lieberman


thumbnail of Taller Tanzanian-Jamila Lieberman 10-2017StarLocal Media: Taller Tanzanian: Jamila feat. Dr. Isador Lieberman

Texas Back Institute Best Docs Dallas 2017D Magazine Best Docs Dallas 2017

thumbnail of Beckers Blumenthal Stems Cells the Holy Grail 11-2017Becker’s Spine Review: Are Stems Cells the Holy Grail for Relieving Back Pain? Dr. Scott Blumenthal


thumbnail of Becker’s Most Common Financial Errors Independent Surgeons Make-Lieberman Bosita Zigler-August 2017Becker’s Most Common Financial Errors Independent Surgeons Make Feat. Drs.Lieberman, Bosita, & Zigler


thumbnail of Silver Century Foundation-Medical Tourism Local Doctors-Guyer August 2017Silver Century Foundation: Medical Tourism Local Doctors with Dr. Richard Guyer

WFAA Teens Young Adults at Increased Risk of Text Neck-Blumenthal- Aug 2017WFAA Teens Young Adults at Increased Risk of Text Neck-Blumenthal- Aug 2017WFAA Teens & Young Adults at Increased Risk of Text Neck with Dr. Scott Blumenthal

thumbnail of The Next 5 Years in the Spinal Fusion Arena-Kutz-Becker’s Spine Review August 2017The Next 5 Years in the Spinal Fusion Arena Feat. Dr. Scott Kutz


thumbnail of 4 Things Ankylosing Spondylitis-Everyday Health July 20174 Things Ankylosing Spondylitis-Everyday Health Feat. Dr. Rajesh Arakal

thumbnail of Flower Mound Style Top Docs-Dr Hisey-July 2-17Flower Mound Style Top Docs: Dr. Michael Hisey

thumbnail of Spine Universe-Understanding Thoracic Insufficience Syndrome-Lieberman July 2017Spine Universe: “Understanding Thoracic Insufficience Syndrome” Dr. Isador Lieberman

thumbnail of Plano Profile Hard Knocks-Concussion Article-Kutz August 2017Plano Profile: “Hard Knocks” Concussion Article Dr. Scott Kutz


thumbnail of Spine Univers-Facilitating Greater Osseointegration Properties With a Deeply Porous Titanium Scafford on PEEK-Dr GuyerInternational Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery (ISASS17) Meeting Highlight with Dr. Richard Guyer.


thumbnail of Spine Biomechanics Laboratory May Help Select the Best Treatments for Spine DisordersRam Haddas, PhD, and Isador H. Lieberman, MD, talk with SpineUniverse about this innovative lab that helps improve patient outcomes

thumbnail of D Mag CC Best Docs 2017D Magazine Best Docs Collin County 2017


thumbnail of Beckers Hoch 417Beckers Article: “Bundled Payments: Thoughts from Dr. Stephen Hochschuler”

thumbnail of JenniferSchott_Newspaper 2Dr. Richard Guyer’s Patient Jennifer Schott Featured in her Local Newspaper after her life changing surgery.

thumbnail of Blumenthal in BeckersBeckers Article: Private practice in spine surgery: Key challenges & opportunities from Dr. Scott Blumenthal

thumbnail of Duffy-FtWorth-BestDoc2017Dr. Michael Duffy is Fort Worth Magazine Best Doc 2017


screenshot-dfw.cbslocal.com 2017-02-22 08-55-10CBS DFW Feat. Ethiopian Twins Practice with FC Dallas After Having Life Changing Surgery

thumbnail of Cntr For Disc ReplacementDr. Jack Zigler talks about Center for Disc Replacement with ON Magazine

thumbnail of TexasBackInstitute_ONFeb17_R1“The Texas Back Institute Difference” Feat.  in ON Magazine


screenshot-dfw.cbslocal.com 2017-02-22 08-55-10CBS DFW Feat. Ethiopian Twins Practice with FC Dallas After Having Life Changing Surgery

Dr Scott Blumenthal Feat. in Beckers on 15 things to know about Cervical ADRDr. Scott Blumenthal Feat. in Beckers on 15 things to know about Cervical ADR


thumbnail of BostonBombing_MDMonthly_Jan17[4].compressedMD Monthly – Dr. Kevin Ju Talks about Experience Treating Patients from Boston Bombing

Bogale Twins on NBC 5 at Ethiopian ChurchDr. Belanger’s Patients from Ethiopia (Bogale Twins) visit Ethiopian Church after surgery.

thumbnail of Spine care in 2017Dr. Kevin Ju comments on Spine Care in 2017


Boah on WFAA newsDr. Akwasi Boah on WFAAs Good Morning Texas


D Magazine Best Docs 2016D Magazine Best Docs 2016

thumbnail of Plano Magazine Best Doctos 2016_02.compressedPlano Magazine Best Doctors Drs. Zigler, Blumenthal, Lieberman, & Guyer


GMT LiebermanDr. Isador Lieberman Good Morning Texas with Scoliosis Patient

thumbnail of Addison Magazine Best Places to WorkAddison Magazine Best Places to Work Winner

thumbnail of Kutz FriscoDr. Scott Kutz Frisco Style Faces of Frisco


thumbnail of Beckers Hochschuler interviewThe best new opportunities for spine surgeons in value-based healthcare: Q&A with Dr. Stephen Hochschuler

thumbnail of TXMD16_FP_TexasBack_P4Texas Monthly Super Docs 2016

Dallas New - Bosita Backpack safetyDallas Morning News – Bosita Backpack safety


Scott Kutz, MD NBC5 intv still photoDr. Scott Kutz on NBC 5 DFW talking about Prince Fielder’s Back Injury

thumbnail of Dr Zigler – Artificial Disc Articitl Dallas Business Journal.compressed.outputDr Zigler – Artificial Disc Articitl Dallas Business Journal

Dr. Rey Bosita on WFAA Talking Tony Romo InjuryDr. Rey Bosita on WFAA Talking Tony Romo Injury


thumbnail of TBI_TXMD_JulyAug16_Hisey MD Monthly – Why Air Travel Can Be Hazardous To Your Health


thumbnail of Cold-Hard-Facts-About-Cryotherapy-For-Pain-Relief-–-MD-Monthly

MD Monthly – Cold Hard Facts about Cryotherapy

thumbnail of Beckers_Bosita_Best-Vacation-Spots

Beckers Spine Review – Dr. Bosita’s Best Vacation Spots


thumbnail of Yoga_story_Living_Well_mag_mar2016

Living Well Magazine – Yoga for Scoliosis

thumbnail of TBI_DMag_BestDocs-CC_2016

D Magazine – Best Docs Collin County

thumbnail of Hisey_SpineUniverse_Cervical-Total-Disc-Replacement-With-Mobi-C

SpineUniverse – Mobi-C Safe Option

Addison Magazine – International Women’s Day


thumbnail of TBI_TXMD_MarApr16_Digital

Texas MD News – New Weight Bearing MRI

thumbnail of Simpson_ON_Magazine_Health2016

ON Magazine – Dr. Andrew Simpson

thumbnail of Yoga-Dr.-Lieberman

Plano Star Courier – Yoga: Seniors In Motion


Addison Magazine Top Female Exec. Nomination


thumbnail of Beckers-Lieberman-MIsonix

Beckers Lieberman MIsonix

thumbnail of Here-Are-The-Dallas-Area-Physicians-Named-To-TMA

Here Are The Dallas Area Physicians Named To TMA

thumbnail of MCP_Health_Matters-Arakal_Patient_Testimonial

MCP Health Matters-Arakal Patient Testimonial


thumbnail of Beckers-4-Strategies-to-Reach-Spine-Program-Profitability

Beckers – 4 Strategies to Reach Spine Program Profitability

thumbnail of ON-Magazine-Pete-Sessions-Visit

ON Magazine Pete Sessions Visit


thumbnail of EthiopiaPressRelease-2

Ethiopians Travel to Plano for Life Changing Spine Surgery


thumbnail of TBI_Plano-Profile_Healthcare-in-Plano_9162015

The Best Healthcare is Right Herein Plano, Texas


thumbnail of Texas-Coach-Spinal-Stenosis-Article-August-15

Texas Coach Spinal Stenosis Article – August 15

thumbnail of 25A0EC2C

Texas Back Institute Surgeon Adopts PediGuard® with (DSGTM) Technology…

thumbnail of ON_FamilyBusinesses_DrBosita_2015b

Dr. Rey Bosita and Family


thumbnail of Spine-Review-July-2015

Spine Review July 2015


thumbnail of Medical-Center-of-Plano-Summer-2015

Medical Center of Plano Summer 2015


thumbnail of Dallas-Magazine-May-2015

Dallas Magazine May 2015


thumbnail of Dallas-Medical-Journal-Vol-101-No.-4-Callewart

Dallas Medical Journal

thumbnail of Blumenthal_SpineSurgeryInternational_Mag_April2015

Spine Surgery International

thumbnail of D-Magazine-April-2015

D Magazine


thumbnail of On-Magazine_Duffy_Simpson_optimized

On Magazine

thumbnail of Health-Beat_-Boutique-medicine_-Pay-as-you-go-healthcare_

Health Beat

thumbnail of TBI_EMR use in spine practices_ Boon oor bane_CZ

EMR use in Spine Practices

thumbnail of Low-back-pain-and-risk-of-lower-extremity-injury-_-Lower-Extremity-Review-Magazine-Haddas

Low Back Pain and Risk


thumbnail of TBI_Beckers_Peloza_8-things-to-know

TBI Beckers Peloza

thumbnail of TBI_OTW_Peloza3D-fusion-cage

OTW Peloza

thumbnail of TBI_SpineU_Guyer_Sciatica-in-Winter

SpineU Guyer


thumbnail of pdfresizer.com_2017-02-14_12_01

Becker’s Spine Review – Non-fusion technology? Genetics? 3D printing?…

thumbnail of Raise-your-bike-seat-Here%u2019s-how…and-why-_-Dallas-Morning-News_Guyer

DallasNews.com – Raise your bike seat! Here’s how…and why

thumbnail of 62-scoliosis-focused-spine-surgeons-to-know_Beckers_Lieberman

Becker’s Spine Review – 62 scoliosis-focused spine surgeons to know

thumbnail of Boutique-Spine-Care-for-Patients-with-Back-Problems_Spine-Universe

Spine Universe – Boutique Spine Care for Patients with Back Problems


thumbnail of TBI_Beckers_JackHarris_Blumenthal

Becker’s Spine Review – ADR Success Story: Dr. Scott Blumenthal Changes Patient’s Life

Star Local: News – Plano Spine Surgeon Changes Man’s Life


thumbnail of Belanger_THRW_Summer-2014

THR Rockwall – Dr. Ted Belanger’s Ethiopia Mission Trip


thumbnail of Spine-Surgeon-Leader-to-Know_-DrLieberman

Becker’s Spine Review – Spine Surgeon Leader to Know: Dr. Isador Lieberman

thumbnail of The-Next-5-Years-in-Spin_Beckers_Hoch

Becker’s Spine Review – The Next 5 Years in Spine, Q&A with Dr. Hochschuler

thumbnail of Post-Sunshine-Act_-How-Spine-Surgeon-Relationships-With-Industry-Are-Evolving

Becker’s Spine Review – Post Sunshine Act: How Spine Surgeon Relationships With..


thumbnail of 5-Key-Results_-LDRs-Mob..

Becker’s Spine Review – Spine Surgeon Leader to Know: Dr. Isador Lieberman


thumbnail of Are-you-planking-correctly_-_-Dallas-Morning-News

Dallas Morning News – Are You Planking Correctly?


thumbnail of TBI_OnMagazine_Bosita

ON Magazine – Dr. Rey Bosita Doctor Profile

Spine Universe – FRAX Tool Helps Determine Who’s at Risk for Bone Fractures

thumbnail of TBI_Addison-Magazine_BoutiqueSpineCare

Addison Magazine – Boutique Medicine Arrives to the Corridor

thumbnail of Boutique-Spine-Practices_-An-Answer-to-Healthcare-Reform_

Becker’s Spine Review – Boutique Spine Practices: An Answer to Healthcare Reform?


thumbnail of TBI_Beckers_SmartContent_Zapata

Becker’s Spine Rerew – SmartContent Q&A with CDO Cheryl Zapata


thumbnail of Ortho-This-Wk-10-02-133

Orthopedics This Week – Featuring Dr. Lieberman’s Uganda Spine Surgery Mission


thumbnail of Zigler Profile FULL

Spinal News Features Dr. Jack Zigler


thumbnail of Best Docs 13_TXBack_0

D Magazine Collin County Best Doctors 2013

thumbnail of Best Docs 13_TXBack

Fort Worth Magazine Top Docs 2013


thumbnail of One Med Place Blog Lieberman

OneMed Place Blog Post – Dr. Lieberman


thumbnail of Pain Pathways_Shellock_91212

Pain Pathways


thumbnail of history-ard_blumenthal

History of Artificial Disc Replacement

thumbnail of Block_Spinal News International

Dr. Block featured in Spinal News International


Minimizing the Risk of Failed Back Surgery

thumbnail of minimizing-risk-failed-back-su

Minimizing the Risk of Failed Back Surgery


thumbnail of Chutz Lieberman(1)

Chutzpah Magazine on Dr. Lieberman’s mission in Uganda


thumbnail of Zigler_spine-arthroplasty-innovati_5112

Dr. Zigler interview about total disc replacement

thumbnail of BliztWeekly_JasonBrewton_Golf_5312

Jason Brewton, Director of Physical Therapy gives golf tips


thumbnail of Guyer_Beckers_LeaderstoKnow_41912

Dr. Guyer featured as a Spine Leader to Know in Becker’s

thumbnail of Trish_Beckers_041112

CEO Trish Bowling featured in Becker’s Orthopedic Review

thumbnail of Hochschuler_Beckers_7ways_42712

7 Ways for Spine Surgeons to Stay Ahead in Competitive Markets

thumbnail of Zapata_Beckers_FCD4312

Texas Back Institute becomes Official Spine Specialisst of FC Dallas

thumbnail of Rashbaum_Voices_41912

Dr. Rashbaum featured on Yahoo Voices about the new technology in spinal cord stimulators

thumbnail of Hochschuler_Beckers_ASC Industry leaders_4212

Becker’s ASC Review Spine Leaders to know: Dr. Stephen Hochschuler

thumbnail of Zapata_Beckers_Sports Teams

CDO Cheryl Zapata talks about partnerships with Frisco RoughRiders and FC Dallas


thumbnail of Rashbaum_Helium_SCS_32912

Wii technology helps patients with debilitating back pain

thumbnail of Lieberman_Cowbird_Uganda

Cowbird features Dr. Lieberman and his efforts in Uganda

thumbnail of Blumenthal_Aboutdotcom_32612

About.com – Dr. Scott Blumenthal


thumbnail of Hochschuler_Beckers_brighterfuture_2812

Dr. Stephen Hochschuler: 8 Changes to Ensure a Brighter Future for Spine Surgery


thumbnail of TBI_Living Magazine_1112

Living Magazine Flower Mound Edition


thumbnail of ADR- Beckers_Guyer

10 Spine Surgeon Investigators of Artificial Discs

thumbnail of TBI_DMagazineBestDoctors_2011

D Magazine Best Doctors in Dallas


thumbnail of TBI_Beckers_Humanitarian Missions_Lieberman_10262011

10 Spine Surgeons Involved in Humanitarian Spine Care

thumbnail of TBI_Beckers5 waysHealthcarechanges_Hochschuler_1032011

5 Ways Orthopedics Practices Can Positively Confront Healthcare Changes


thumbnail of Lieberman_Beckers_Robotics_4312

Becker’s Orthopedic and Spine Review features Dr. Lieberman

thumbnail of TBI_Beckers_SurgeonsHospitals_Guyer_8302011

Will Spine Surgeons Be the Next Specialists Scooped up by Hospitals?

thumbnail of TBI_Beckers_femalesurgeons_Shellock_8172011
10 Female Spine Surgeons to Know

thumbnail of TBI_Beckers_surgeonsperformingroboticsurgery_Lieberman_8122011
10 Surgeons Performing Robotic – and Computer-Assisted Spine Surgery


thumbnail of 92311_Do you need Spine surgery

Do You Need Back Surgery?

thumbnail of drguyer

Breathe in Hope, Breathe out Love

thumbnail of TBI_Beckers_Spinal Cords Surgeons_Zigler_9172011

10 Spine Surgeons Focusing on Spinal Cord Injury

thumbnail of TBI_THCDS_DrZigler_LIving Well_072011

Living Well – A Breakthrough For Back Pain Suffers

thumbnail of peyton-manning-h

Colts’ Peyton Manning Underwent Surgery Today to Fuse Neck Bones

thumbnail of DMN Maryam Houston

Dallas Morning News – Is Artificial Disc Replacement


thumbnail of TBI_Mansfield Mirror_Duffy_gardening_7182011

Dig In Correctly to Avoid Back Pain

thumbnail of TBI_DMN_Ugandamission_7172011

Dallas Morning News – A Torah for Uganda

thumbnail of TBI_MaxSports_Blumenthal_752011

Banish Back Pain


thumbnail of Lieberman_Beckers

Robotics in Orthopedic Surgery: 6 Points on the Present and Future


thumbnail of TBI_Beckers_Hochschuler_52311

Dr. Stephen Hochschuler: 6 Points on Healthcare Spending for Spine and Orthopedics

thumbnail of TBI_Rashbaum_SIBone

Diagnosing That Pain In Your Low Back

thumbnail of Henry_Star Telegram

Simple Changes Could Make a Difference in What Ails Your Back

thumbnail of LIving Belanger May_0

Lakeside Living Magazine


thumbnail of TBI_BackTalk_Lieberman_April2011

Robotic-Guided Placement Of Implants For Spine Surgery

thumbnail of TBI_On Magazine Bosita

On Magazine – Dr. Rey Bosita Jr.

thumbnail of TBI_Lieberman_AAOS

American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons – Dr. Isador Lieberman


thumbnail of TBI_Plano Profile_CDRSSTC_March2011

Texas Back Institute on the Forefront of Back Care


thumbnail of TBI_Hisey_LDR_12611

The Mobi-C Cervical Artificial Disc is Submitted to the FDA

thumbnail of TBI_OrthpedicsToday_Blumenthal_TDR Revisions

Dr. Blumenthal’s Review Study Notes rate Occurrence of Anterior Disc
Replacement Revisions

thumbnail of TBI_SpinalNews_Duffy

Is Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery Better for Patients in the Long- Term?