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Don’t get caught slouching on the job!

What does your posture say about you at work?

Whether you’re on a job interview, starting your first job or are a seasoned veteran professional, your posture says something about you. Strong posture exudes self-confidence and poise; slouching posture is less impressive. Just as you pay attention to your wardrobe and grooming, think about how your posture can also give a good impression. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  •  Stand in front of a mirror and inspect your standing position to see if your ears, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles are forming a straight line.  If your “line” needs correction, so does your posture. Straighten it out and take a note of how your body feels when it’s aligned correctly—inventory the position of your feet, hips, shoulders and head when you’re standing properly and use the muscle memory as a check throughout the day. Forming a straight line with your body will instantly elongate your torso and help minimize your tummy.
  •  When you pull up your chair to your desk at work, inspect your seating arrangement—are your feet flat on the ground?  Are you looking up or down to view your computer monitor properly?  If you need to have your chair raised to look straight ahead at your monitor, then you should track down a foot rest to make sure your feet can rest flat or lower your monitor.
  • Whenever you are seated – in an interview, working at your desk, meeting a client – sit with good posture. Make sure your shoulders are down and back so that you’re not slouching. Check yourself during a couple of set times throughout the day and make corrections if you find yourself sitting incorrectly. Sitting properly with your shoulders back and head up will minimize slouching and improve your look.
  • When you greet a professional colleague or your valued client, stand tall. To stand with proper posture, imagine an invisible string pulling you up – your head and your back should be straight.

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