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Dr. Belanger’s Ethiopia Medical Mission Trip – Day 6,7,&8

Salamno! This means hello in Amharic! 

Over the past two days it has rained cats and dogs, and we’ve done 6 more surgeries. 

Yesterday morning started out a little crazy. We all had different places to be. Walt and Tori were checking out a new hospital, Dr. Wale was giving a talk at a different hospital, and Dr. Belanger, Jason and Lauren waited for a ride for quite a while. Surgery was supposed to start at 8am, but we did not get a ride until 9:45am so as you can imagine we were all upset about it. Everyone was in different places.

We went to dinner at the Hilton hotel with a famous artist named Fikru and a few other co-workers. Fikru owns a shop in Paris and has his own studio in his house. He does abstract Ethiopian paintings and they are very good. He donates some of them to Rick Hodes charity, and sells others for thousands of dollars. We are extremely excited to see his work! Also Dr. and Mrs. Belanger are celebrating their anniversary this week. This will be the second year they have spent their anniversary in Ethiopia. 

Our surgical cases have been very successful!

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