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Ethiopia Spine Surgery Mission 2017 – Day 3

Dr. Ted Belanger, Spine Surgeon at Texas Back Institute has been leading a medical team to Ethiopia for the last several years. Their mission is to help people with severe spinal conditions with the latest in medical technology and techniques. Continue to follow their journey here on our blog.


Day 3 – 5/20/17


Today, the first incision was at 9:56 am and the patient was closed at 10:20 pm.  You can say 12 ½ hours of surgery makes for a long day, to say the least!  First, Dr. Belanger went through his back to reach his spine for the first procedure, then the patient was flipped over and Dr. Julie went through the front to perform an ALIF.  Finally, the patient was flipped back over and Dr. Belanger finished the procedure by placing screws and rods into the spine.  After the surgery, the patient went from being bent all the way over at the waist to having a straight spine, and hopefully standing tall within the week!  Toni, Dr. Julie, and Julia visited the patient, a 14-year old girl, who had surgery yesterday and things are looking good.  Also, Julia was able to scrub in again today and Dr. Julie taught a 2nd-year Medical Student from Ethiopia how to do the two-handed knot.  Today was a great day and we now look forward to some restful sleep!

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