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Uganda Mission – Thursday August 12th

It is not the hospital or the equipment, it is the people that makes things happen. The team functioned very well today.

Dr Emma was a star as usual, Sherron was steadfast and Lori efficient, Brian resourceful and John and Corie nimble while performing new responsibilities. We operated on two 3 year old girls with congenital scoliosis. Whenever I see these kids I am more amazed at how much goes right when all the rest of us are put together as opposed to how much can potentially go wrong. Both girls have terribly deformed spines that are growing asymmetrically. By performing strategic fusions we can potentially balance the growth and allow the spine to straighten itself over time. I do hope to see these girls again over the next few years.

Highlight of the day: John and Corrie both got to scrub in and contribute to the surgeries.

Accomplishment of the day: Brian tore apart the Mulago store room and found the TPS drill bits & burrs!


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