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The TBI Family

Our People Make The Difference

Behind every treatment or procedure is a specially trained, highly experienced professional who’s dedicated to giving you the best care possible so that you can get back to life—quickly, safely, and confidently. They’re experts at what they do, and we’re proud to have them as part of our team.


About Us

Our S.P.I.N.E. Heroes

Sybil Sanchez 

This employee represents our SPINE standards in every way.     She is capable and always willing to help out in any department or location without complaint.  She helps her team members by jumping into their positions when they are out or when they just need help.   Her first concern is our patients’ welfare and will go out of her way to make sure they are and feel cared for.  One of the main reasons for this nomination is because this employee not only goes out of her way to ensure surgeries are approved, but she has even helped get the cost of the surgery lowered on behalf of a patient, by negotiating a discounted cost.  This employee is an extremely hard worker, with an exceptional work ethic and a very strong caring attitude.   She has earned Spine Hero for the way she takes care of both patients and her teammates in her actions, communications and follow through every day


Tami Brannan

This employee exceeds service expectations by assisting patients with insurance, billing, scheduling and documentation.   She has improved the patient experience by helping reduce the amount of paperwork they need to complete, streamlining their experience.  She seeks opportunities to improve efficiencies or question discrepancies and was the first to find an issue with Navicure that would have delayed billing and payments.   She takes pride in her work and is careful to avoid any mistakes that would delay payments or result in scheduling errors.   She has been praised by the Director of billing for her prompt and clean batches and charge entry that helps with reducing claim denials.   Most importantly – she has the interest of our patients as well as her co-workers at heart.   She spent 2.5 hours on the phone with an insurance company in order to help a patient with an insurance problem, even though it went past her scheduled time to leave.    She did not want to leave that patient hanging.  She is also the first to write spine cards, give birthday gifts, and organize department activities to keep up team spirit.  Finally – She is being nominated for Spine Hero because she even took the time to organize a collection for a patient’s family who lost their home, land and livestock to wild fires in Oklahoma and Kansas.  She is an exceptional employee and team player and a great asset to TBI.


Eric Allen

This employee embodies spine standards as they are continually polite, positive and professional in all interactions with customers and co-workers.  They never get rattled and rarely make mistakes. They are always willing to help others with issues and they do an exceptional job of following up to ensure employees understand and are trained on the correct way to do things, to prevent issues/mistakes in the future.  Their attitude in this respect however, is so kind and unassuming that they never offend anyone.

In short, this person is extremely helpful and goes out of his way to ensure everything gets taken care of, even if not his job.   In particular, this employee looks for ways to improve how the system is working… in one particular case he made a system much more efficient through his efforts, research and follow-up.  This person deserves spine hero as he is a very high level performing employee who consistently exceeds his manager, and the departments’ expectations with his knowledge, attitude and teamwork.   He can be counted on to give his best every day, and come to work whenever needed


Liz Palos

This employee demonstrates exemplary customer service by going out of her way continually to take care of patients.  One example was when she met a patient at a gas station to give them scripts so they wouldn’t be without..  She comes with ideas and solutions when she has a problem.  She is exceptional when it comes to educating patients and her teammates regarding her clinic.

She seeks to understand processes and the reasons why – which is what makes her stand out as a performer… Because of this understanding, she is often able to handle difficult issues on her own.       Although she works in a very busy clinic, she can be counted on to return any and all patient calls she is responsible for.  She never leaves patients hanging.

Overall, this employee should be recognized as a Spine Hero due to her unfailing ability to take care of her patients, her physician and her team mates.  She demonstrates exemplary team work which is obvious in the way she goes out of her way to help her team mates and in return, they do the same.  She demonstrates incredible patient care and follow up and as her manager, I have never received a complaint from one her patients due to lack of follow-up.    She can be relied upon to always show up for work, no matter what location and is not only a consistent and dependable employee, but one of the strongest in the company

Liz Palos

Jennifer Shivers

As a PA in addition to Director of Medical Administration, Jennifer has a challenging and demanding role. In 2012 however, she went above and beyond and was specifically recognized for her commitment to patients and TBI in how she handled two very big projects. The first involved training many of her peers to enable them to take proper care of our patients while rounding at hospitals and serving as an on-call provider. Most of this training occurred after hours and on weekends, and she worked endlessly to ensure proper resources were available to handle patient questions and concerns. The second was an unusual project where Jennifer had to call more than 50 patients to discuss their concerns and risks from injections, caused by recent media attention. She had to gather data, effectively evaluate it, consult with physicians and government authorities, and gain consensus on the actions to take and address concerns and health risks. She appealed to TBI’s physician leadership to formulate an action plan that was responsive to the severity of the situation. Jennifer handled all of these stressful situations with calm and confidence. She did these things in addition to performing all of her normal responsibilities and day-to-day activities without skipping a beat. Jennifer is absolutely one of our key “go-to” people in our organization and embodies the spirit behind “Service Hero.”


Michelle Martinez

Michelle is an Administrative Assistant and Surgery Scheduler at Texas Back Institute. She is also a working mom with two kids and understands the importance of a full life free of back pain. She strives every day to help patients prepare for their surgery, as well as co-ordinate with the hospital and surgeons. She is proud to work at Texas Back Institute and is excited to see all the success stories of patients.

Jason Curtis

Jason, an x-ray tech at the Rockwall Clinic, is proud to work at the Texas Back Institute, because he is inspired to help others everyday. Every one at Texas Back Institute that knows Jason, knows that he has a big heart, and cares for his patients as he would a friend. With a big smile on his face and a caring spirit, Jason exemplifies SPINE standards we set for ourselves everyday. SPINE stands for: Superior Service, Positive Attitude, Innovative Care, Nurturing Spirit, and Ethical Behaviors.