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Uganda Mission – Dr. Lieberman’s Spine Surgery Mission: Update 1

We got to Uganda safely and the team is awesome!

Sherron, a surgical nurse from Ft Lauderdale has tremendous spine experience and is calm and so resourceful. Lori, a PA from Texas Back Institute, has an infectious vibrant personality. John, a med student from Akron, is eager to learn. Cori, a med student from Toronto, has eyes as wide as her smile. Brian, the equipment technician, has everything under control and Emanuel, the anesthesiologist from Uganda, is an inspiring role model.

Yesterday we had a clinic to triage the patients and we have 8 surgeries booked. Today we did the first case, a removal of hardware on a patient we did last year who outgrew his hardware. The fusion was solid, which is great! We also did a thoracoplasty to flatten his rib hump. We did a ward round at Mulago hospital, not as busy as expected. The typical broken necks and paraplegics with bedsores. It is just so devastating! There are some other patients we may be able to help, the problem is that the sterilizer is still not functioning at Mulago Hospital so surgeries are close to impossible.

We operated today at Case Medical Center, a private operating room, the staff has been so welcoming and accommodating.

So far so good. Thanks to all who have contributed so far!

If the internet stays active I will try to post each day, so far it is hit and miss.


Isador H Lieberman MD MBA FRCSC

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