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Texas Health Plano, Texas Back Institute offer SpineAssist® surgical robot for spine surgeries

On July 20, we announced our collaborative effort with Texas Health Plano to bring one of only three SpineAssist® surgical robots in the United States to Texas. For patients with cases such as scoliosis that require especially complicated surgeries, this is good news. The device enables us to operate on the spine with accuracy to less than one half a millimeter.

The SpineAssist® technology has two key components: A workstation that enables surgeons to pre-plan procedures in 3D based on the patient’s individual anatomy, creating a “surgical blueprint,” and a robotic arm that guides the surgeon during the procedure using the preoperative plan.

Like a pilot in a flight simulator, I can map out the patient’s spinal anatomy and perform the entire procedure before the patient even arrives for surgery. For highly complicated surgical procedures, it allows me to be more efficient and more precise, and to anticipate potential complications before they occur.

Texas Back Institute is the exclusive training center for physicians learning how to use the SpineAssist® device that will make a significant impact in spinal surgery practices all over the country and for their patients who will greatly benefit from this technology.

Dr. Isador Lieberman

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