Can Big Data Help Companies Save Money on Healthcare for Employees?

  The buzz around the phrase “Big Data” is loud and getting louder. As technology’s capacity to capture, store and analyze this data expands, it will affect the way companies treat their employees. What is fascinating to those in charge of managing business enterprises of all sizes is the predictive nature of this Big Data. […]

A Revolutionary Advance in MRI Technology Comes to Texas Back Institute

In the history of medicine, there are very few diagnostic procedures which have had the impact of magnetic resonance imaging, more commonly known as MRI. The MRI scanners use magnetic fields, radio waves and field gradients to form images of the anatomy and they are capable of revealing the physiological properties of the body, including […]

Dallas Spine Surgeon Takes on the Greatest Challenge of His Career

The world-class spine surgery skills of Dr. Theodore Belanger will be evident for the world to observe this week when the Texas Back Institute surgeon performs two, extremely challenging surgical procedures on two young people who have been transported from Ethiopia. The two patients, who have allowed us to share their names and medical histories, […]

Stand up Straight! Why Your Mother Was Right About Posture

The surgeons at Texas Back Institute are some of the most skilled specialists in the world. They employ cutting-edge procedures and medical devices to treat back problems caused by disease and injury. However, they also pursue non-invasive techniques and procedures which are intuitive, elegantly simple and don’t involve surgery. “Stand up straight,” is an admonishment […]

An Artificial Vertebra is “Printed” and Implanted in Youngster in China

What Does This Mean for the Future of Medical Innovation in the U.S.? Dr. Isador Lieberman, an expert on spine surgery at Texas Back Institute, did not hesitate when he was asked if the news of the first 3-D printed vertebra occurring in China surprised him. “Absolutely not,” he said. “China has great doctors, outstanding […]

The Tour de France Has Us Thinking About Cycling

The 101st annual Tour de France is nearing what the French cycling fans might call its denouement. Cycling biggest event started on July 5th  and continues through July 27th  covering 3,663 kilometers. It’s been a tough ride for many of these athletes. According to news reports, through its first fifteen stages, the Tour has seen […]

World Spine Health Day 2013

Every year on October 16, health leaders from around the world recognize the very human condition of back pain. World Spine Day is an annual reminder of the how prevalent back injuries and disease are in every country in the world, regardless of its level of development, and what measures can be taken to correct […]