Texas Back Institute Sponsors Second Annual Spine Business Summit

 The practice of specialty medicine is changing rapidly and as the healthcare industry shifts from “volume” to “value,” organizing spine care patients into an integrated, comprehensive service line is more important than ever. As a part of its commitment to enhancing the delivery of spine care throughout the United States, Texas Back Institute was pleased […]

How to Avoid Injury while Golfing

 Dr. Michael Duffy, our orthopedic spine surgeon in Mansfield, took some time out of his practice on Tuesday to talk with Chris Flanagan from Good Morning Texas about how to avoid injuring your back pain when golf. Dr. Duffy actually played golf in college so this type of segment was right up his alley! Dr. Duffy […]

Rockwall Physician Cruise

We have talked about Dr. Belanger before, but for those who haven’t heard about him, he is the latest addition to the Texas Back Institute physician team. He joined our team in January and works out of our Rockwall office.  He is an orthopedic spine surgeon and he is in Rockwall full-time! We are so excited to […]

Quiet on the set……and ACTION!

The last two days we have been quietly filming what will soon be our new virtual tour video after the clinic is closed.  This tour, that will be hosted on our website, will walk through a typical new patient visit.  From start to finish you will get an inside look at what a new patient […]

Featuring “Super” Dr. Izzy and his “super hero” team

Recently Dr. Lieberman, the scoliosis and spine tumor expert at Texas Back Institute was featured on the cover of the MD News magazine.  Did you see it? Not only did MD News put Dr. Lieberman on the cover of the issue, they also did a spread inside the magazine.  Here’s the first page of the […]

Dr. Lieberman and the NYC Marathon

You may know by now that we really like to share some of the cool things our doctors, here at Texas Back Institute, do when they aren’t in clinic or in surgery.  Well today is no different.  We want to share a story about Dr. Lieberman (or as he likes to be called Izzy) and why […]

One year anniversary in Mansfield

August marked the one year anniversary for our Mansfield office.  We had been trying to come up with a way to thank all the people who helped make our first year successful so we decided to have an anniversary party!  We held the party last night and it was awesome! Some of Dr. Duffy’s patients attended […]

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