Is There a Link Between Heart Disease and Back Pain?

Happy New Year! What are your New Year’s resolutions? Do they include quitting smoking or obtaining better control of your diabetes and cholesterol? While most of us know that smoking, diabetes and high cholesterol puts you at an increased risk for a heart attack or stroke, did you know they can also affect your spine […]

Recognizing Thoracic Spine Myelopathy

We have recently covered the details of myelopathy, which is a spine condition that results from compression of the spinal cord. Myelopathy symptoms may cause weakness of the hands and/or legs, problems with walking, balance, and coordination. Additionally, loss of normal bowel, bladder, or sexual function may develop. The condition can also be painless unless […]

Can Big Data Help Companies Save Money on Healthcare for Employees?

  The buzz around the phrase “Big Data” is loud and getting louder. As technology’s capacity to capture, store and analyze this data expands, it will affect the way companies treat their employees. What is fascinating to those in charge of managing business enterprises of all sizes is the predictive nature of this Big Data. […]

Best Doctors in Dallas and Collin County-D Magazine Best Doctors

Best Doctors in Dallas and Collin County voted by D Magazine – D Magazine Best Doctors Over the last 39 years the doctors at Texas Back Institute have been recognized for their contributions and excellence in spine care by patients, colleagues and medical institutions. They have pioneered minimally invasive and robotic spine surgery, artificial disc […]

Here’s how and Why You Should be Actively Involved in Your Healthcare and Health Records

For the past several years, most medical practices have invested in technology to enable the transfer and storage of their patient’s health records into an electronic format. This effort, “encouraged” by the large healthcare payers was instigated to make the record-keeping more efficient. It was also seen as a way for patient health conditions to […]