Meet the Former Cop Who Showed His Insurance Company Who’s in Charge

Jack Harris was used to living with pain. His were not just periodic tinges or annoying aches but constant, searing back pain. It started after physical wear and tear of being a Dallas Police officer forced him into early retirement from law enforcement and over the years developed into a full-blown, unrelenting agony, which never […]

A Story of Triumph Suitable for the Silver Screen

Film director Carlo Bido is adept at using his medium to tell a dramatic story. However, a real-life drama which included temporary paralysis of his legs and arms led him to waiting room of Texas Back Institute. While there is no script for this story, it does have a Hollywood ending. “I was born to […]

Patient of the Month: Daniel Rubio is in for the Long Haul

Daniel Rubio describes himself as “just a man trying to make an honest living to take care of my family without agony and back pain.” However, Daniel’s lower back pain was making his job as a truck driver difficult.  He was no longer able to make the long hauls and had to change to local […]

Patient of the Month: Gracie Rasmussen

Gracie Rasmussen is a 13-year-old athlete who loves the sport of cheerleading. Her dream had always been to compete for Cheer Athletics, a nationally renowned cheerleading powerhouse.  She worked hard to make the team, spending hours in the gym each day perfecting every tumble, dance move and stunt.  Like most of the girls, she had […]

Ryan Lovelace…Back to Fishing

Professional bass fisherman, Ryan Lovelace gets back to fishing As a professional bass fisherman, Ryan’s pain was exacerbated by his participation in several fishing tournaments every year. In order to win or place in these professional bass fishing tournaments, the angler must catch as many bass as possible with the idea being that the final […]

I love my job because….

Guest blogger, Anabelle Gutierrez, Workers’ Compensation Specialist, love her job! Workers’ compensation can be tricky which is why it’s important to have a concierge case manager dedicated to each patient. At Texas Back Institute we realize this and we have a team of dedicated work comp professionals to help each patient through the workers’ compensation process. […]

I Love My Job Because….

Guest Blogger, Jennifer Sanders, Surgery Scheduler and Administrative Assistant for Dr. Lieberman, loves her job! Not all people can truly say that they love their job. Some people might say that they like their job, but they don’t truly love going into work every day. I happen to love my job and honestly enjoy what every […]

Inspiration in the Workplace!

It’s not too late to find a job that inspires you! My name is Kelly Phariss. I have worked at Texas Back Institute for 8 years and for the last 5 years I have been part of the sales team. I love it!  As a sales manager, I spend the majority of my time speaking […]

Patient of the Month – Denys Kendall

Denys Kendall….Back to Feeling Like a Person! Denys Kendall never thought he would need spine surgery.  He was jumping out of airplanes, serving his country in Iraq and living the life of a true adrenaline junkie.  Denys served in the Army for 4 years, starting off in Special Forces and eventually moving into the First […]

Patient of the Month…BW Beasley

BW Beasley…Back to Racquetball! BW Beasley came to the Texas Back Institute after suffering from chronic back pain symptoms for years. Ten years earlier, Mr. Beasley had undergone a microdiscectomy with a different physician which only temporarily relieved his pain. He was anxious for a chance to get back to an unrestricted and active lifestyle, as […]

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