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Gara Little…Back to Building her Family

Her back hurt. At only 19 years old and a freshman in college, Gara Little led an active lifestyle, so she concluded she must have pulled her back while working out at the gym, running, kickboxing or another activity. Like most teenagers, Gara turned to her parents for help. A patient of Dr. Richard Guyer at the Texas Back Institute, her father trusted TBI and encouraged his daughter to do the same.

Ultimately, at only 22 years old, she was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and her only option was a fusion surgery. Knowing that artificial disc replacement would be available in a few short years and she would be a fantastic candidate for it, Dr. Guyer suggested Gara wait until this technology was available.

Gara and her husband

At 27 years old, her time arrived, and Gara prepared for artificial disc replacement surgery.

“I knew this was my last option, and I wanted to become pregnant and start a family, but my spine was so bad before surgery there was no way I could have carried a child for nine months,” she said.

Today, Gara credits Texas Back Institute with changing her life. A recent visit to Texas Back Institute was emotional when she introduced Dr. Guyer to her infant son.

Gara and her son

Gara in the exam room the day she introduced Dr. Guyer to her son.

“Texas Back Institute is kind, compassionate, caring and helpful. It has a family feel to it. Because of TBI, the future does not have as many limitations. The surgery truly changed my life, and I am forever grateful.”

Gara and her family

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