Uganda Spine Surgery Mission 2019 Day 11

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It’s Go Time… Again! August 19, 2019 Day 11   This morning started with a 5:15am wake-up call for those that wanted to do some Pilates led by Dr. Lieberman. Or some extra sleep for the others. We all met up for a good breakfast at 6:30 before heading out for the hospital at 7:00am. […]

Uganda Spine Surgery Misison 2019 – Day 8

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Wishful Thinking August 16, 2019 Day 8   Everyone needed an extra cup of coffee or tea (or both) this morning to get over our surgery-hangover from the night before. Unfortunately, little did we know, we probably should’ve had another one. Today was another doosey. We started the day as normal—Dr. Kayanja and Dr. Schaffer […]

Uganda Spine Surgery Mission 2017 – Day 1 and 1.5

Day 1 and 1/2: Arrival in Uganda Whenever you travel, there’s always the concern about baggage; Did it all make it on the right flight? Did it arrive? Was it searched? Can I retrieve it? It’s a little different on a mission trip such as this, in the sense that these questions make you a […]

Uganda Spine Surgery Mission 2016 Team One: Day 9

Day 9: July 12th, 2016 Overnight we were joined by another group of new team members: Dr. Kerner and her plastic surgery crew, including Dr. Susan Benton (anesthesia) and her surgical tech, Lorna. As it happens, they arrived at a very opportune time, as several of our patients were desperately in need of interventions from […]

Uganda Spine Surgery Mission 2016 Team One: Day 8

Day 8: July 11th, 2016 Over the weekend another team arrived to Uganda. This team includes Dr. Paul Holman (neurosurgeon), Dr. Alvina Lone (anesthesiologist),Dr. Johan Lone (internal medicine) and Jordan Talley (student). With the addition of the new team members, the group was refreshed with the new energy and excitement of many bright-eyed, bushy-tailed rookies. […]

Uganda Spine Surgery Mission 2016 Team One: Day 6&7

After a relatively productive week, Team One took the opportunity to relax a little over the weekend and have some fun. Michelle was kind enough to lead all of us through a yoga/pilates class on the front lawn both Saturday and Sunday, and luckily no one was attacked by any Marabou storks. These garish-looking birds […]

Uganda Spine Surgery Mission 2016 Team One: Day 5

Quote of the day: “Don’t forget that you know what you already know” Guest Blogger: Dr. Michael Hisey Day 5 was our first day after Dr. Lieberman joined the team in the wee hours of the morning. We had two cases planned, so after a quick breakfast, it was off to the hospital. It was […]

Uganda Spine Surgery Mission 2016 Team One: Day 4

  Quote of the Day: “Two broken arms, a broken ankle and a scoli … what a family”. Sherri’s assessment of a family we met at an impromptu roadside clinic today that was “walking wounded”. Sometimes witnessing the struggles of others put your own in perspective. We are humbled every day by the patients we […]

Uganda Spine Surgery Mission Day 9 & 10: ‘Our Final Days’

Dr. Lieberman, Lance and Joseph once again begin the day with a 5:15 am run, on their way out they bumped into the second team led by Dr. Holman. They have just driven in through the night from Entebbe and will be taking over where Team 1 has left off. They ran into Sherri and […]

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