Ethiopia Spine Surgery Mission 2017 – Day 1

Dr. Ted Belanger, Spine Surgeon at Texas Back Institute has been leading a medical team to Ethiopia for the last several years. Their mission is to help people with severe spinal conditions with the latest in medical technology and techniques. Continue to follow their journey here on our blog. Day 1 – 5/18/2017 After 36 hours […]

Breakthrough Medicine: How Epilepsy, Stroke, Migraines and other Chronic Conditions can be Treated Without Drugs

There are at least two problems associated with using drugs to treat neurological disorders such as migraine headaches, rheumatoid arthritis, epilepsy, and strokes. First, some of these drugs often have significant negative side effects, and second, they can be ineffective. Recently, a new treatment for these conditions has been explored and reported on in both […]

How the New Guidelines for Treating Lower Back Pain Will Affect You

The ancient Chinese and Indian healthcare providers who were masters of acupuncture, yoga and Tai chai must surely be smiling in their afterlife. In a report released during the second week of February 2017, the American College of Physicians released new guidelines for dealing with the most common maladies affecting modern mankind – lower back […]

An Update on the Ethiopian Twins: Their Miraculous Medical Transformation Continues

The lives of two twin brothers from Ethiopia were changed forever in December 2016. Tamirat and Markos Bogale both suffered from a debilitating spine disease called scoliosis. With the help of many organizations in Africa and America, they were transported to Plano, Texas and put in the hands of Texas Back Institute spine surgeon Dr. […]

Low Radiation and 3-D Images: Two Reasons Your Next X-Ray Should be Taken with the EOS Machine

When Professor Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen discovered the x-ray while working with a cathode –ray tube in his laboratory in 1895, medical journals of the day immediately understood the significance of this discovery. This ray could pass through most substances, casting shadows of solid objects. What most excited the physicians and dentists about Roentgen’s discovery was […]

Meet Markos and Tamirat Bogale. It’s Their First Visit to America and Their Lives Will Never be the Same.

It is more than 8,300 miles between Dallas/Fort Worth and Ethiopia and Dr. Ted Belanger, a spine surgeon at Texas Back Institute, has made this trip many times since 2010, when he began his mission to help youngsters in this third world country overcome the ravages of scoliosis. While there is no cure for this […]

A Texas Back Institute Holiday Story: How to Save Your Back for the Holidays!

T’was a few days before Christmas and all through clinic, TBI’s waiting room was packed with lots of patients in it. It looked like bad weather would surely arrive. The weatherman said it might be difficult to drive.   Then all of a sudden, the office turned dark. The lights had stopped working, no electricity, […]

How the Boston Marathon Bombings Changed the Life of a New Doctor

As a young, curious child, Dr. Ju was always trying to figure out how things worked. When he was growing up in Houston, his parents – a computer programmer mom and a chemical engineer dad – encouraged his curiosity about how things worked. “I spent a lot of time taking things such as microwave ovens […]

The Texas Back Institute Research Foundation Celebrates 30 Years of Innovation

Over the past 35 years, Texas Back Institute has received world-wide recognition for excellence and innovation in spine surgery and treatment. Some of the best and brightest orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons have joined the practice and, through their efforts, transformed the lives of thousands of patients. Not long after the establishment of the TBI practice, […]

Can High-Impact Exercise and Weight Training Counteract the Effects of Osteoporosis?

In order to maintain bone density, post-menopausal women with the pre-osteoporosis condition known as osteopenia have a new challenge: making time for regularly scheduled, vigorous exercise. A new study recommends this group participate in high-impact exercises, including weight training, at least twice a week. The researchers who conducted the study found the results “disillusioning” because “older […]

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