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Safety in Surgery During COVID-19 Pandemic at Texas Back Institute

Is spine surgery safe during the pandemic?

Dr. Peter Derman and Dr. Rey Bosita talk about the precautions taken in the operating room during the pandemic.

Many people have asked if surgery is safe during the pandemic. Every patient undergoing surgery is required to have a COVID test an asked to self quarantine in the days leading up to surgery. While there are additional precautions taken to get to the OR, the steps of cleanliness in the operating room has not changed as much, because operating rooms have always been an extremely sterile place. Anyone in the surgery field have to “scrub in” which is a process of scrubbing hands and arms rigorously before entering the sterile field. Different hospitals have different rules for visitors of the patient. These rules are to keep the patient and staff safe and healthy. If you have any questions, feel free to talk to your doctor about the safety precautions taken before your procedure.

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