Meet the Former Cop Who Showed His Insurance Company Who’s in Charge

Jack Harris was used to living with pain. His were not just periodic tinges or annoying aches but constant, searing back pain. It started after physical wear and tear of being a Dallas Police officer forced him into early retirement from law enforcement and over the years developed into a full-blown, unrelenting agony, which never […]

Even Kings Can Suffer From Scoliosis

In spite of the amazing advances in modern medicine, scientists have yet to determine the cause of scoliosis. This may surprise laymen because, according to the National Institute of Health, “scoliosis is estimated to affect 4.5% of the general population. In a nation of approximately 273 million people, this means that over 12 million cases […]

Affordable Care Act Leads to Innovation

Boutique Medicine Practice Launched at Texas Back Institute The passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by the United States Congress and the verification of its constitutionality by the U.S. Supreme Court represent the biggest change in the country’s healthcare system in the past 50 years. This massive overhaul affects every citizen and will fundamentally […]

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