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Leadership in Difficult Times

During this COVID crisis it is good to see people step up to be true leaders in their surroundings.  Whether at home, work, or in one’s community, people are looking for those who are willing to take a leadership role to help navigate these uncharted waters.

Leaders are typically people who inspire others through their dedication and hard work which helps those around them persevere.  They bring people together by being honest and forthright, breeding trust and allowing for transparency of the circumstances.  They get people working for a common goal by giving clear information and direction while working hand in hand with others.   Although they may have concerns, they set aside their emotions and focus on the goal at hand.  They encourage those around them to help build confidence and inner strength so they too can be part of a bigger solution.  They utilize the resources they have and find creative ways to solve problems.  Regardless of their position or stage of life, sex, culture, ethnicity or age, they tend to have the common goal of seeing the opportunity to help others, and jumping in where needed to do exactly that.

To those of you who are true leaders during this crisis, thank you.

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