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World Spine Health Day 2013

Every year on October 16, health leaders from around the world recognize the very human condition of back pain. World Spine Day is an annual reminder of the how prevalent back injuries and disease are in every country in the world, regardless of its level of development, and what measures can be taken to correct poor spine health.

As an internationally recognized leader in spinal surgery, degenerative disc disease, osteoporosis, artificial disc replacement, failed back surgery syndrome, scoliosis, myelopathy, spondylosis and other conditions that can cause chronic and acute back pain, Texas Back Institute is proud to participate in World Spine Day. Raising awareness of proper back health is part of the mission of Texas Back Institute.

Straighten Up and Move

In announcing the annual event, The World Spine Day Organizing Committee noted,

“Research has demonstrated that poor postures and inactivity can contribute to the development of back pain and other spinal disorders. The good news is that many of these common problems can be easily avoided!”

This is the basis for this year’s theme for World Spine Day – “Straighten Up and Move” – focusing on the importance of proper posture and movement in maintaining good spinal health. To help mark WSD, we asked one of the founding physicians of Texas Back Institute, Dr. Ralph Rashbaum, to share his insights on how most back pain can be alleviated by simple, corrective measures.

Mom Was Right


We asked Dr. Rashbaum what lessons could be learned about back pain from moms everywhere.


Since we all spend so much time seated at a desk, in front of a computer screen, Dr. Rashbaum suggests the type of prescription glasses we wear can affect our posture and ultimately cause back pain.

What’s the most important action a person whose daily work consists of 8 sedentary hours? Dr. Rashbaum suggests a break from the computer can do wonders for the discs.


Move It

Following mom’s advice to “straighten up” nicely covers the first part of this year’s WSD theme – “Straighten Up and Move.” However, getting physical activity – Moving – is also an important component to a pain-free back. Because of the frantic pace of most individuals and families, this daily “motion” in the form of physical activity is probably more difficult  the reach than using proper posture.

The result of this inactivity is often obesity and this also contributes to back pain. We asked Dr. Rashbaum about the effect of obesity in the world today.

When someone is dramatically overweight, there are repercussions on the spine. Dr. Rashbaum noted the problem.

World Spine Day  

To the physicians at Texas Back Institute, every day is World Spine Day. The organization was founded in 1977 with a goal becoming a center of excellence and this goal has been met. Thirty-five years later, Texas Back Institute is one of the largest freestanding multidisciplinary academic spine centers in the world.

On October 16, we hope you’ll think about these tips from Dr. Rashbaum and try to follow the this year’s World Spine Day theme – Straighten Up and Move! If you have questions about your back pain or want to discuss the everyday activities which might be causing it, give us a call.

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