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From Forced Retirement To Working On The Ranch

Federal agent, forced to retire, Keith Fletcher is back working on his ranch after spine surgery with Dr. Blake Staub.

Keith battled a life long struggle with Scoliosis. In his 50s Keith started to experience more pain from his spine condition which progressed into a debilitating back pain forcing him to retire. He was a federal agent, with strict physical tests he had to pass to continue his active job. After years of service Keith was unable to do some of the maneuvers required by his job due to the back pain and continued deformity in his spine.  Unfortunately Keith was forced to retire early. This retirement and constant pain took a toll on his lifestyle and attitude. Keiths wife Lanette remembers times spent with friends, Keith would only be able to sit and talk for 15 minutes then had to get up and walk around to relieve his pain.

Keith sought out the care of several spine specialists when he was told to visit Texas Back Institute. After meeting with Dr. Blake Staub, Neurosurgeon at Texas Back Institute, Keith felt a sense of peace and trust in Dr. Staub and ultimately choosing to have spine surgery to help relieve his pain. Keith was able to find relief, regain strength, and get back to the things he loves to do.

Lanette noticed, after the surgery that Keith is happier, “its like I have my husband back”.

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