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Henry Contreras…Back to Riding

For Henry Contreras, of Panhandle, Texas, country living required a lot of physical activity.  To relax after a long day of work Henry loved to ride his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. So when his back pain got so bad that Henry could no longer keep up with the physical demands of living in the country or ride his Harley, he knew he needed a solution.

Unfortunately, two other attempts at surgery to relieve his pain were unsuccessful.  In fact, he felt little or no relief after going through major surgery twice!  Desperate for help, Henry sought out Dr. Rey Bosita an orthopedic spine surgeon at the Texas Back Institute, for treatment.

“I was very limited because I was in such tremendous pain.  So the things I needed or wanted to do, I couldn’t,” Henry recalls.

After a physical evaluation and a review of Henry’s imaging studies Dr. Bosita knew that he could help Henry.  Together Dr. Bosita and Henry carefully considered the possible treatment options and made the decision to have a mini 360 fusion.

“Henry had several conditions that needed to be addressed, including bone spurs and curvature of the spine.  The mini 360 fusion was the most appropriate surgery for Henry because it would provide stability to correct the deformity in his spine and provide the stability he so badly needed.  He was definitely in bad shape.   Just looking at his x-rays before surgery made my back hurt too!” states Dr. Bosita.

“I was concerned about having surgery but I knew I couldn’t live my life the way I wanted if my back pain continued.” Henry adds, “Dr. Bosita and his staff gave me hope for a better quality of life.  I knew I could trust them.”

Today, after successful spinal fusion surgery, Henry stands nearly an inch and a half taller, and his initial back pain is completely gone. He is able to do all the activities he needs and wants to do, which includes riding his beloved Harley, with much less pain.

“I tell everyone that if they have back or neck pain, they need to go to the Texas Back Institute and see Dr. Bosita.  He is the best!”

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