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Labor Day – A rest from labor?

The first Monday of September for many is marked as a day of rest – a rest from work, a rest from school (at least in Texas since school tends to start a little early) and also the time to put summer to rest.  Labor Day is chance for workers to take off from their  jobs and kick back, relax and enjoy themselves. 

In order to enjoy all the holiday has to offer it’s important to keep your back in tip top shape while at work.  In honor of Labor Day here are 5 helpful tips to help you maintain a health back

  1.  Exercise.  Stay fit.  Maintaining strong core muscles can help ease the stress on back muscles.  Also, by gaining weight your back muscles must support the additional load, which can be tiring and painful. 
  2. Drive properly. While commuting, move the seat forward so your knees are level with your hips.  But don’t get so close to the steering while that you can’t turn it easily.    
  3. Move around. Get up and move around during the day.  Moving can keep muscles from getting stiff and fatigued, causing the spine to carry more of the burden.
  4. Maintain proper posture.  Don’t slouch, keep your shoulders back and your back straight. Posture is imperative for maintaining a healthy back.
  5. Lift Properly. Use your legs when lifting objects.  Don’t use your back like it’s a crane.  Keep objects close to your body when lifting and always use the power of your legs to pick objects up. 

 Overall, being physically fit and utilizing proper body mechanics can help protect your back in many situations. I know it sounds easy but sometimes we just need a little reminder that taking care of our spine is important. 

 Have fun, be safe and enjoy the holiday weekend!

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