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Uganda Spine Surgery Mission 2019 – Day 3

Team No Sleep

August 11, 2019

Day 3

 We arrived at the hotel this morning at 7am and hit the ground running (or maybe it was more like jogging, due to the iffy sleep quality these past few days). We started with a big breakfast to last us all day at the hospital if needed, followed by quick showers and changes. We were back in Dr. Kayanja’s car headed to the hospital by 8:45am.


The team on the way to the hospital!

Jason gave the two Spine Mission rookies, Ashlee and me (Taylor), a quick tour of the hospital grounds. Although I have been on mission trips to Uganda on three other occasions, I have never been inside of a hospital here. I was initially struck by the sheer number of patients here—in beds, on floors, outside, inside. There were so many patients, all of whom looked like they so badly needed the expert care that our physician team could provide. And I know that tomorrow as clinic begins, the number of patients in need will only continue to grow. Also, especially being just an undergraduate student, I was struck by a yearning to be able to do more. Both of these things initially made me a little sad. But I think going forward I will just need to remind myself that while our time here is limited and we can only see so many patients, that we are greatly impacting the lives of those that we are able to help.


Rounding on some patients and checking out the

surgical ward.

Dr. Kayanja, Dr. Nathaniel Schaffer, Dr. Kisitu, and some others went to check out some existing patients in the surgical ward. After making their rounds through both the men and women’s sides, they decided on about seven or so cases that they planned to operate on this week. They also decided which they thought were the highest priority and should be done first, one of which was a 45-year-old female who had experienced a 40-foot fall onto her back.


Dr-Schaffer-examining-a-patient-X-ray while-all-of-the-physicians-discussed-a-diagnosis-and-treatment-plan-for-this-patient-Uganda-Spine-Surgery-Mission-day3-2019

Dr. Schaffer examining a patient X-ray while all of the physicians discussed a

diagnosis and treatment plan for this patient.


Meanwhile, the rest of the team began filling up the storage closet with some of the supplies we brought in our checked luggage. The veterans were surprised to find all of the supplies they had brought last year were gone already—but luckily it appears we’ll have more than enough supplies to fill it all the way back up this year. The rest of the supplies that were shipped to Uganda from the U.S. will be arriving tonight and will be unloaded and organized in the morning while clinic begins.


After finishing up at the hospital, we headed back to the hotel to rest. Long showers, time on the good lobby WiFi, and massages for some in preparation for the long day expected tomorrow were just what the doctor ordered. Then dinner and an early bed time to get ready for the next day.



We are expecting a busy day tomorrow—already with an estimated 60 cases to be seen in the clinic.

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