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Uganda Mission – Update

August 13th 10am

The team is just setting up for our first idiopathic scoli case, a 14 year female with about a 60 degree curve. One thing I have noticed with this trip is the pace. I believe I have learnt from past trips and carried through on this trip that the mission is a marathon and not a sprint (except of course the morning runs trying to stay away from the Mizungo Hunting dog). Up to now we have staged the cases in terms of severity and intensity. Today is the most substantial instrumentation case, then monday will be the first anterior posterior case.  JG will be discharged today, he is doing wonderfully well. He now has a 300 mile bus ride home.  I suspect the bus ride will be more risky than the surgery. The other 3 patients are all comfortable and afebrile.

Comments on Kampala:

Over the years I have noticed dramatic changes in the people, city scape and infrastructure. First was the proliferation of cell phones, last year the proliferation of cars, this year the deterioration of the road infrastructure (potholes as big Toledo) and major construction projects (multi story glass and concrete office buildings). One has to wonder what is the economic driver that promotes the construction yet ignores the infrastructure.  I have also noticed a change in the social personality. Individuals are definitely less tolerant of constantly wait in security lines even to get into the local supermarket.  All this I am sure is due to the recent bombing, although today they announced that the terror suspects have been captured and did admit to the crime. 


August 13th 6:30pm  

Just done with a T5 to L2 segmental instrumentation correction and fusion for adolescent scoliosis. The case went as well as expected.  The  correction was tremendous! For 3 of the team members this was their very first instrumented scoli case.  We are off to do evening rounds and then for a fine dinner!

It is time for a Nile Premium lager!


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