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Day 5, Thursday July 31: ‘ Seasoned pros’

8 am start at the hospital for the team and they found patients already lined up outside the hospital, awaiting their consults for the day. They got to the OR theaters and the three teams separated, each beginning their prep routines…

Once again the team ran into unanticipated setbacks throughout the day, but it’s day five, and they’re all used to it by now. Nothing is a surprise any more, even blown extension cords were just another thing the team had to get used to for a short period of time. Skylar, the neuromonitor and c-arm (x-ray machine) operator extraordinaire was impatiently talking to the manufacturers of the machine after a power outage caused it to shut down intra-operatively and refused to boot back up. The machine was done for the day (and hopefully not for the whole trip) but the teams manage the rest of the day without it.

Early afternoon, in between cases, Dr. Lieberman and Joseph grabbed some T-shirts and soccer balls to hand out to some of the orphaned children which he has been taking care of for the past couple of years. The kids lined up and they presented them each with the shirts.

Dr. Lieberman’s operating day concluded with another bout of ‘Sweet Caroline,’ hollering as a local nurse walks into the room and gave some concerned looks. All in all, the team ended the day having done three ortho/trauma cases, three plastics cases, and two spine cases. As they tried to leave for dinner, they found a few more patients in the hallway, who had been waiting all day to see them. 

Quote of the Day:

‘Your comfort is our total interest’- Dennis, the Vice President of hospital operations as he and dr. Lieberman discuss our transportation schedule.


I am No longer a spine fellow – Dr Owusu


Hallway Clinic


‘After all you’ve done to me, all you’re giving me is a T-Shirt?’

“I guess I’ll grow into it”


T-Shirts and soccer balls donated by Dallas Football club


Dr. Lubis at her finest


2014 Spine team



Lieberman and Owusu reviewing the evening consults



“Everytime I come in here, it looks different


Dr. Bitariho, Lieberman and Dennis, VP of hospital operations.

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