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For 12 Years, This Surgeon Has Changed the Lives Of Scoliosis Patients In Ethiopia

There are many words to describe the experience Dr. Ted Belanger of Texas Back Institute has each year when he returns to Ethiopia. He travels there to perform life-changing surgery to correct scoliosis among people of this African country. These include jet-lagged, exhausting, medically challenging, emotionally uplifting, and indescribably rewarding!

These emotions have kept this gifted surgeon coming back every year since 2010 to correct this spinal deformity among patients who have no other alternative. In 2018, his work earned him Medical Missions.Org Physician of the Year. Recently, he made his annual pilgrimage and, once again, quietly changed the lives of patients forever.

Dr. Belanger has become accustomed to the logistical challenge of transporting sophisticated medical equipment – not available in Ethiopia – and support staff, half-way around the world. Here’s a quick look at what it takes to set up shop in a medically deprived community to perform state-of-the-art surgery for scoliosis.


The Mission

The annual mission to treat patients in Ethiopia involves the coordination of many “moving parts.”

“There is an entire team of volunteers, including my wife, involved in this effort,” Dr. Belanger said.

“Before we land in the country, there is a great deal of planning beforehand. We have a tremendous amount of communication with local Ethiopian doctors and healthcare personnel. They help organize the patients who need the kind of advanced spinal care that we provide.

“We also spend a lot of time gathering equipment and medical supplies, such as spine implants, donated from various suppliers. Some of these supplies are shipped before we arrive, and some have been stored in a facility in Africa over the years that we have been doing this mission.

“Our trips are usually two weeks long and we try to ‘squeeze-in’ as much surgery as possible during this time. There are literally 500-600 new potential patients each year who require advanced back or neck surgery and we can only scratch the surface of that population. On our most successful trip, we were able to operate on 30 patients. It can be very taxing.

“There is an enormous amount of coordination and logistics associated with this annual trip and we rely on the help of dozens of people in order to pull this off.”

Some Patients Require More Complicated Treatment

In the years of Dr. Belanger’s mission to Ethiopia, he encountered several patients whose conditions required more resources. These patients were transported back to Plano, Texas, at no charge to them, for these difficult procedures.

Belanger notes, “Usually, it is more practical for me to go there and bring along the equipment and supplies that I need. However, in more complicated situations, it is not possible for me to bring along the specialized equipment to perform those procedures.

“With the help from a wide range of people – host families who allow these patients to recover in their homes along with hospital systems that allow us to use their facilities free of charge – we have been able to bring state-of-the-art medical care to patients who would never be able to get this in their home country.”

Follow-Up is Extremely Rewarding

After this life-changing surgery, Dr. Belanger and his team maintain contact with these patients.

“We are in constant contact, via Facebook, with several of these patients,” he said. “Plus, when we travel to Africa, we try to see every patient that we have treated over the years. It’s getting more and more difficult to see all of these patients because we have treated so many. However, the most recently treated patients are always seen to check their recovery.

“I am happy to note that the teenagers that we have brought to this country and performed surgery are all doing great. They are reintegrating into their communities and their lives have been changed for the better.

“When a patient has had a severe spinal deformity such as scoliosis and this is corrected with surgery, it is physically and emotionally transformative. Their appearance is, of course, improved but, more importantly, their demeanor is completely different. It’s very cool to see them with more smiles, exuding confidence and even the way they walk! We have changed their lives by straightening out their backs.”

How Can You Help?

Belanger’s mission requires many volunteers and a great deal of expense every year, and he had developed a system for everyday people to contribute to this effort.

“We work with a non-profit organization called Conscience International. By clicking on this link and locating the Ethiopian Mission on the site, contributions can be made to further our efforts.

Working in Challenging Conditions Have Made Dr. Belanger a Better Surgeon

“The level of surgical complexity among the patients in Africa is far greater than what you might see in the average practice in America,” Dr. Belanger said. “Some of the most difficult medical procedures I have ever seen in my career, I have completed in Ethiopia with extremely limited resources.

“I draw on my skills and knowledge as a spine trauma surgeon that I learned in this country, but my skills, knowledge and confidence has grown tremendously since I have undertaken these trips to Ethiopia. It has been very gratifying and has made me a better doctor.”


Dr. Ted Belanger is a great example of the skilled and compassionate surgeons of Texas Back Institute. State-of-the-art technology and good, old fashion care and empathy are what make Texas Back Institute a world class organization. If we can help you, click here to set an appointment.

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