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A Texas Back Institute Holiday Story: How to Save Your Back for the Holidays!

T’was a few days before Christmas and all through clinic,

TBI’s waiting room was packed with lots of patients in it.

It looked like bad weather would surely arrive.

The weatherman said it might be difficult to drive.


Then all of a sudden, the office turned dark.

The lights had stopped working, no electricity, but Hark!

From out of nowhere appeared five doctors with lights.

“I always keep a flashlight,” smiled Hisey, “the dark really bites.”


While some patients were concerned and in obvious pain,

The back surgeons there used the dark for some gain.

This seemed like a good time to share some health tips.

Back injuries and holidays are like hot sauce and chips!


Dr. Bosita was the first to offer his advice.

“If you’re buying kids a backpack, check the size twice.

“Don’t make it too big, this is a common trait.

“The weight should only be 1/7 of the kid’s bodyweight”


Up next was Dr. Guyer, who’s an expert on lifting.

His training has taught him the dangers of gifting.

“Lift heavy presents and suitcases with your legs, not your back.

“And keep heavy objects close to your body or risk a pain attack.”


Dr. Michael Hisey talked about holiday travel.

“If you have a long journey, back pain can cause plans to unravel.

“Rotate your shoulders regularly when on an airplane,

“And keep your legs moving to avoid the blood-clot bane.”


“Looking down for a long time can also cause back pain.”

Dr. Tolhurst then added, “Spending hours on videogames is simply insane!”

“Get some exercise this holiday season,” Dr. Lieberman chimed in.

“Pilates, yoga or a rowing machine will help to no end.”


Then as quickly as they went, the lights soon returned.

Dr. Guyer was ready and said, “So, what have we learned?”

One bold patient who had been listening, intently

Was happy to respond and she did so, evidently.



She said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,

Especially in the excitement of the holiday’s lure.”

“Great advice,” Hisey said, “And hard to refute.”

Happy holidays from your friends at Texas Back Institute!

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