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Patient of the Month….Vickie Money gets back to retirement

For Vickie Money of Venus, Texas, mopping the floor was a simple, routine task she was doing on another ordinary day. But something unusual happened, and suddenly she found herself suffering from severe pain in her lower back that would impact her life for several years to come.

At the time, Vickie was only 46 years old, and she first treated the problem with physical therapy, pain injections and pain medication for several years. But nothing helped relieve her of a pain so severe that her activity had become limited to nothing more than sitting or lying down most of the time. Finally, several years later, she went to Texas Back Institute and was examined by Dr. Richard Guyer.

“Without a doubt, the best thing about my experience with Texas Back Institute was Dr. Guyer and the staff,” said Vickie. “Dr. Guyer and all of the staff treat you as if you are the only patient they have for the day. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life on the sidelines and taking pain pills, and it wasn’t fair that I could have ruined my life because I mopped my kitchen floor one morning.”

Now at the age of 53, Vickie learned she needed surgery to help alleviate the pain. She was understandably concerned as to whether or not the surgery would help or make the problem worse and, if she did gain some relief, she worried how long it would last. Under Dr. Guyer’s care, Vickie underwent a 360 fusion surgery on her L4 and L5 vertebrae to correct the problem and get her life moving forward again. Hoping for even the slightest pain relief, she was more than pleased to gain relief of about 80%.

Looking back, Vickie repeats what many Texas Back Institute patients advise others: don’t wait to do something about your back pain.

“Texas Back Institute and Dr. Guyer gave me back my life. I now enjoy retirement, family and friends. I can ride a horse again. But every time I pick up a mop, I can’t help but remember what happened several years ago – and I’m so much more mindful because, after all, I don’t want to ruin Dr. Guyer’s handiwork!”

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