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Uganda Spine Surgery Mission 2015 – Day 1

Uganda Spine Surgery Mission 2015

“when you surround yourself with good people, good things happen”

Leading up to this year’s mission I was terribly delinquent in my planning.  My budget was off, my fund raising was behind, a number of grants were denied, and my blood pressure was at 20,000 ft.  As fate would have it two weeks prior to the mission Dr. Michael Hisey, approached me and asked if he and his son Matt could still join the trip.  This triggered a chain reaction of sky rocketing anxiety.  How were we going to get everyone over, house, and feed them, and also take care of the less fortunate whom we focus on?  As fate would have it Dr. Hisey, hearing about my budget shortfall went to work and in two weeks succeeded to cover the budget shortfall and then some. Good people do good things!  With this new found enthusiasm we embarked on this year’s mission.  Team 1 is a 50/50 mix of rookies and veterans, all equally excited about being in Mbarara.  Team 2 will be led by Dr Shane Burch, his first year as a team lead.  Team 3 will be led by Dr. Paul Holman, a multi-year veteran with many frequent flyers on his team.  The closers this year will be led by Selvon St Clair, who will be joined by the mission’s heart and soul Dr. Mark Kayanja. All are great people who have taken the time from their families and friends to help those less fortunate who are afflicted by spinal ailments.  We are now just getting to our first dinner in Uganda, telling stories from past years and looking forward to new stories for this year.  Please stay tuned to this blog.  All involved appreciate your support, and I can’t express enough, my most sincere appreciation, for those who have committed to continue the Uganda Spine Surgery Mission.

Dr. Isador Lieberman


To support the Uganda Spine Surgery Mission visit: http://www.ugandaspinesurgerymission.com

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